Recommended Recordings:

Below are listed our “top 10” recommended dance CDs.  Since I couldn’t narrow them down that far, I cheated and listed our top 10 sources (many with two or three CDs).  Even so, I ended up with a dozen sources.  We hope you won’t mind the extras.  We have tried to include all the information we could to help people acquire these CDs.  Many are available from musicians and merchants in the SCA, others are available commercially.

1.  Jouissance:

Peter Durham
1436 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE
Bellevue WA 98008-5218

The Inns of Court is also available from
Eric Praetzel email:

2.  Letter of Dance (miscellaneous performers):

Eric Praetzel
Bill Street Jr.
908 Reedwood Lane
Birmingham, AL  35235

3.  Accademia Viscontea I Musicanti:

4.  New York Renaissance Band

5.  Broadside Band:

6.  Musica Subterranea:

7.  The Companions of St. Cecilia:

8.  Ferrara Ensemble:

9.  Cumberland Collegium:

Why Not Dance?
(Two 15th c. Italian dances, a branle, two Almans, Playford, and some Out of Period dances.  We use use this for Black Nagg.) (apparently stale)

10.  Musicians Guild of Loch Salann:

Also:  La Maurache (Instruments médiévaux et voix)

Bonus:  Calliope

MP3 files, music, and further lists of SCA CDs and on-line articles are available through the SCA Dance Database Search Engine.

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