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November 2001 Issue
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Editor's Message

By Susan L. Schwartz

The five articles in this issue of "Nexus" illustrate the wide variety of issues that teacher educators deal with.  Robert Burch describes a program that successfully trains teachers in Egypt and explains how the participants subsequently reach more teachers so that the impact of the training is greater than might otherwise be possible.  In a provocative article, Merton K. Bland offers his ideas on how English should be taught; debating his commandments could enliven any methods class.  Many teacher trainers work outside their home countries and although they need to upgrade their academic qualifications are unable to return home; for such people, the two graduate programs in Japan that Paul Hackshaw describes may meet their needs.  Kirsten Schaetzel reviews a book on how to teach reading, a vital skill for many learners but one which is not that easy to teach; this book helps make it easier.  Ruth Wajnryb reviews a book that deals with another hard-to-teach subject, vocabulary, and the book she reviews offers some interesting ideas on the subject.

With this fourth issue, I am very pleased to report that "Nexus" has published articles from people working on every continent except Antarctica.  I encourage readers to submit their own contributions.  The journal is mailed to subscribers in over forty countries--I am sure there is a wealth of experience just waiting to be shared!  Please find information about how to obtain the guidelines for submission at the end of the journal. 

I hope "Nexus" plays a small part in helping teacher educators do their work well.  Thank you and enjoy the journal. 

Table of Contents

1)  Building Teacher Training Capacity in Egypt:  The School Based Model, by Robert Burch

2)  Dr. Bland's Ten Commandments for Teaching English, by Merton Bland

3)  A Guide to Branch Campuses of American Universities:  Getting a Master's Degree in TESL while Working in Japan, by Paul Hackshaw

4)  Book Review:  From Reader to Reading Teacher, by Jo Ann Aebersold and Mary Lee Field; Reviewed by Kirsten Schaetzel

5)  Book Review:  Vocabulary in Language Teaching,  by N. Schmitt; Reviewed by Ruth Wajnryb

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Volume 4, Issue 1, November 2001 

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