Lucinda Bramlett
Welcome to 2nd Semester
 Pierce College RN Program.


My name is Lucinda Bramlett, RN, MSN and I am the second semester Medical/Surgical instructor (Nursing 403).  I would like to personally welcome all of the students to the second semester.  It is an exciting semester full of many experiences and equally full of hard work and studying.  It will be my pleasure to help you navigate this rotation on your way through the nursing school experience.  Clinical rotation experiences are at Providence Holy Cross and Olive View (County) Medical Centers and are seven week rotations.  We split the semester with Nursing 405, the psychiatric rotation that will cover the other seven weeks of the clinical experience in second semester.

     It is easy to contact me and I hope you will if you have any questions about the second semester Med/Surg course.  My student phone number is 1-818-427-2106.    I can also be reached via email at:  bramlettl@gmail.com.

     Again, welcome to the second semester, I look forward to meeting all of you.