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Diving in Central Italy

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For those divers who visit Italy, often these trips are made with family in order to visit the museums and experience the exquisite charm of this fascinating country.  Some of these divers may forgo the opportunities in central Italy...hopefully this site will be a convincing argument not to make this mistake. 

As an American diver who learned and was certified in Italy, I have had some excellent experiences and have made new friends from around the world through making weekend excursions and evening dives after work in Pescara.  Although I lived in Italy for only two and a half years I built up a lifetime of good memories and made great friends through diving.  I would love to see others share my enjoyment not only of the underwater world of the Med and Adriatic, but also the tremendous sense of culture and history which pervade every part of the country.

From the solitude and quiet of the Tremiti Islands, to the beautiful vistas of the cliffs overlooking Naples Bay and the Amalfi coastline central Italy has a variety of experiences to offer.  The simple differences in cuisine and wine (as well as olive oil) make visits to each "port of call" an opportunity to savor a different lifestyle...those who live in Italy can identify strongly with this.

Since 2001, this website has had content on the Conero Peninsula near Ancona, the Tremiti Islands southeast of Pescara, as well as the Sorrentine peninsula.  We have added information on the Capri and Ischia areas.  We greatly appreciate the comments and questions we've been recieving from divers in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Brazil, and the Middle East.  We hope that as our visitors have the opportunity to dive central Italy and Croatia, that they will take a few minutes to send us a note and perhaps some photos.  This is one of the best ways for us to keep our information current so that divers and non-divers alike can benefit.   

For those who are familiar with visiting Italy it is not at all unusual to see tourists flock to the sights in Rome, Tuscany, Venice, and Milan.  Slightly less frequently visited are the areas of Naples and the Sorrentine Peninsula and the island of Sicily.  It is amazing to think that within one or two hours of most of these locations is some of the most enjoyable and convenient diving to be found in the Mediterranean and Adriatic.  For divers who come to visit, we sincerely hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to visit some beautiful diving destinations in Central Italy!

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