This is a collection of pictures taken at the grand opening of Cafe Mocha
some time near the end of 1990. I had recently turned 19.
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This is the facade on opening night.
The sign read "Mocha Gallery" since we were
also showing art, and to appease the Health Inspector
who initially opposed our opening a full-fledged restaurant
in this location. We soon changed the name to "Cafe Mocha".
With my partner Shawn and sister Amy.
Trying to operate our mammoth espresso machine.

Note the assortment of baked goods
and the first $1 bill on the wall, which I still have.

We were packed that first night.
My roommate, Derek, is in the front-right.

The crowds spilled out onto the front.
We later built a deck there.
In about a year, every night was this busy.

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