Glossary of surfing terms


Charge -- to surf aggressively, often in big and dangerous waves
Double overhead, DOH -- refers to the size of the face of the wave is it is about to break. Double-overhead is twice the size of a person, typically 10-12 feet on the face. Triple overhead would be three times the height of a person -- 15-18 feet, etc.
Hollow -- a wave that has a "tube" when it breaks. Generally more dangerous, harder to surf, but also allows the surfer to get in the "barrel", surfing inside the tube briefly
Indies Trader IV -- 120 foot single-hull motor yacht, the largest adventure surfing charter boat in the world, complete with a helicopter

Left, Right -- the direction the wave breaks when the surfer is riding it, i.e., a "left" breaks to the surfer's left when they are on the wave. For example, a very popular wave in Malibu called Surfrider Beach, is a right.

Mentawais, Western Sumatra -- Island chain 120 miles off the west coast of Sumatra, in Indonesia, in the northeast Indian Ocean.

Pelagic -- 65 foot single-hull motor yacht custom built for adventure surfing

Photog -- surfer abbreviation for "photographer"

Reef -- the coral reef that rims an island. Swells hit the reef, causing them to turn into breaking waves. The coral is sharp and if you fall and hit it, you get cut. Microscopic organisms from the coral get stuck in your cut, and you have to scrub it with a lime in order to avoid infection.

The Hole, Lighthouse, Bravos, Rags Left, Lance's Right -- names of surf spots. Sometimes the same spot goes by multiple names.




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