Household Tips & Tricks

******** Household Tips & Tricks *******

1) Hydrogen Peroxide, Baking Soda, and soap can also be used for washing/disinfecting things such as baby bottles, sipper cups, pacifiers, etc. No chlorine residue, taste, or toxins. Solution works best hot and can be heated in the microwave in an open plastic bowl (don't fill more than half-way).

Chlorine bleach should NEVER be used on Spandex, Nylon, latex, polycarbonate, or polyurethane. It undergoes chemical reactions with these polymers. With polycarbonate it forms tetrachlorobisphenol "A", which may have some toxic properties similar to Dioxin (TCDD). Spandex and polyurethane rapidly degrade. Many cabinets and floors have a no-wax polyurethane finish. Using bleach to clean them will leave the finish permanently dull and sticky.

2) Superglue works great on paper cuts and stops the annoying itch as well. Open the cut slightly, apply glue sparingly, push cut closed, QUICKLY daub away the excess with a paper towel, keep cut closed for 1 minute. Note: if you are a clutz, or have ever accidentally glued yourself together with Superglue, please use a Band-Aid instead.

3) If you have any tips or tricks, e-mail me. If I have time I'll post a few.

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