Casa Clubs
First off, I have to mention her name. A lot of times I see her referred to as Casy. I'm guessing that might be what they used in the dubbed version, but since I only saw the subtitled version, I think of her as Casa because that's what they called her. Normally I'm opposed to dubbers changing the character names to Americanize them, but maybe in this case it's justified. Viewers might expect a character named Casa Clubs to collapse under pressure like a house of cards. Ha! Now there's a multilingual joke.
When I got this cel, I happened to look at the back and there was this gray blob, it looked like some kind of stain. I was thinking that someone spilled their coffee on my cel or something. But then I turned it back over to the front, and noticed that the 'stain' actually fit with the picture. It was her shadow, done on a separate layer. Maybe everyone else has seen something like that, but it was a first for me, so I thought it was cool.
By the way, everything except her mouth (and the shadow stuff) is an A1 end cel.
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