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Rayearth seems to have become my favorite show to collect cels from. I don't know exactly how that happened. When I first saw some cels from it, I thought they looked kind of weird with those huge eyes. But I still liked some of the character designs, especially Caldina, and I ended up buying a couple cels of her. Then I started watching the series, and while it's not perfect, there's still a lot of things I like about it. I liked the story and the writing, and before too long I started liking the artwork. Even the eyes aren't weird anymore, they're distinctive.
Next thing I know, I'm a serious Rayearth collector. With other shows I collect, after I get a certain number of cels, I feel like I have enough and I start to look for another show to focus on. But I haven't reached that feeling with Rayearth, I keep finding more cels that I want. It's fun, so why fight it?

A1 end, pan cel
Key cel
A1, pan cel End pan cel
Key cel, nonmatching background A1 end
Key cel

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