Northern Alexandria Native Plant Sale in 2018
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Vendors Displayed Geographically

Please note that the maps below have not been updated since early 2007.
Not shown are 15 vendors:
     Atlantic Star Nursery, located in Forest Hill, Maryland,
     Beech Tree Farm, located in Amissville, Virginia,
     Carnivorous Plant Nursery, located in Derwood, Maryland,
     Charles Racine Co., located in Elkton, Maryland,
     Enchanter's Garden, located in Hinton, West Virginia,
     Green and Sticky, located in Baltimore, Maryland,
     Grounds For Nature, located near Hedgesville, West Virginia,
     Heartwood Nursery, located in Felton, Pennsylvania,
     Herring Run Nursery, located in Baltimore, Virginia,
     Hill House Farm & Nursery, located in Castleton, Virginia,
     Keystone Wildflowers, located in Robesonia, Pennsylvania,
     Kollar Nursery, located in Pylesville, Maryland,
     Lou Aronica, located in Tower City, Pennsylvania,
     Morningside Farm & Nursery, located in Boston, Virginia, and
     Natives Plus, located in Longcreek, South Carolina.
Please also note that Maryland Natives Nursery is now named American Native Plants.
I plan to update these maps someday when I have time and can remember again how I did these.



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For more information, or to receive email notices of future events,
contact sale organizer Scott Knudsen.

If sending email, please put "native plant sale" in the subject line.

Phone: 703-671-8416

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