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Thank You to All Who Have Helped Make Past Sales Successful!

For those interested in news about the progress of these sales, the Parkfairfax Native Plant Sale 
has gained a following.  From its modest beginning with just five vendors, this neighborhood sale 
now regularly hosts over a dozen vendors from five states and draws over 1,000 visitors.

Fourteen or 15 vendors from five states will be selling their plants at the September 2011 sale.

13th Parkfairfax Native Plant Sale held on 9/26/09

This snapshot of the September 2009 "6th Anniversary" sale shows how much these sales
have grown.  Twelve vendors sold plants to an estimated 900 people who came to the sale!

Photo of 9/26/09 sale shows how large and busy this semi-annual event has become.

8th Parkfairfax Native Plant Sale held on 4/28/07

This snapshot of the April 2007 sale captures the early rush.  It was our best sale held to date.
Eleven vendors sold an estimated 2,000 plants to roughly 600 people who came to the sale.

4/28/07 sale, during the early rush.

6th Parkfairfax Native Plant Sale held on 4/29/06

This snapshot was taken of the April 2006 sale at the end as it was winding down.  It had been 
our most successful sale to date.  About 500 people bought over 1,500 plants from eight vendors.

4/29/06 sale, as it was winding down.

I would like to add much more information to this page as time is available.  At present, though, 
I cannot add more pictures because I've hit my upper limit for disk space on this website. 

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For more information, or to receive email notices of future events,
contact sale organizer Scott Knudsen.

If sending email, please put "native plant sale" in the subject line.

Phone: 703-671-8416

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