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About the Parkfairfax Native Plant Sale

My aim is to promote native plant gardening in our area because gardening with natives is better for our
watershed, our woodlands, and our wildlife, especially birds. Bringing together many growers selling a
variety of plants makes it easier for local gardeners to find quality plants and encourages a greater demand
for natives in the nursery industry. Nursery vendors from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia,
and South Carolina will be at the sale.

The sale is entirely organized and run by volunteers. No one makes money from it except the vendors. 
Parkfairfax Unit Owners Association provides the location free of charge. Neighbors and members of
Tree Stewards of Arlington/Alexandria assist in running the sale as volunteers.  I organize these events as
a labor of love to promote native alternatives to invasive, exotic garden plants and the use of watershed-
friendly gardening practices.

Admission is free and open to all -- Parkfairfax residents and non-residents alike.

Rosa palustris are pink,
Viola sororia are blue,
Native plant gardens are better for our Bay,
And birds, bees, & butterflies, too!

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For more information, or to receive email notices of future events,
contact sale organizer Scott Knudsen.

If sending email, please put "native plant sale" in the subject line.

Phone: 703-671-8416

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