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Reasons to come!

Three Reasons for Coming to the Native Plant Sale this Fall:

Fall is the best time to plant shrubs and perennials!
New plantings more easily survive the cold of winter than they do the heat of summer.  With our climate here in the Mid-Atlantic region changing, our spring weather doesn't stay hospitable very long for young plants.  Remember the heat-wave in June 2013?  Plants do better when planted in fall so they can establish new root systems long before the next summer's heat and drought.

Trees fare best when planted in fall, and many vendors will offer a fine selection of trees!
Over half of the vendors will offer trees for sale among their plants.  At least six of these vendors will have a notable selection of trees and shrubs.  For an idea of which tree species a vendor may bring, check the "Vendors" page and use the available website link and/or contact information to learn more.

Our current weather will soon become perfect for gardening!
Fall has arrived.   Forecasted coming rains will bring much-needed moisture to our area.  The weather forecast for the coming weekend is sunny.  What could be nicer than spending a beautiful fall day shopping for rare and unusual native plants from some of the best vendors in the region?

For more information, or to receive email notices of future events,
contact sale organizer Scott Knudsen.

If sending email, please put "native plant sale" in the subject line.

Phone: 703-671-8416

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