In the fall of 2004, our old boy Umi left us. Although it was time for him to go, it left a large and empty space in our hearts and household.

He will always hold a special place in our memory, along with the other wonderful dogs that went before him.

Good night, sweet prince.”

___________________________________ Umi

By a series of wonderful events, we met and fell in love with a female Akita at a local kill shelter. We don't know much of her history. She was about two years old and very well cared for. We learned that her owner had had a stroke and had to give her up. She has an exceptionally mellow disposition, and came to us at a time when that was the best medicine. We were told that her name was Ginger, but she wouldn't answer to that, and so we settled on Zinja. (short for Zingiber, the genus to which the ginger plant belongs)

Miss Zinja, the nimble brindle ninja