last update February 2007
Carr, Cynthia                  Our Town
Stargardt, Nicholas        Witnessesof War
Striffler, Steve                Chicken
Kurlansky, Mark            Salt: A World History
Garfield, Simon                Mauve
Atwood, Margaret            anything by this author!
Galeano, Eduardo             Memory of Fire (trilogy)
Garrett, Laurie                 The Coming Plague
Godwin, Gail                     anything by this author!
Gordon, Mary                   anything by this author!
Hegi, Ursula                     Tearing the Silence
Kelman, James                 How Late It Was, How Late
Lynch, Thomas                 The Undertaking
Bourdain, Anthony            Kitchen Confidential
McCourt, Frank                Anything by this author!
Burr, Chandler                  The Emperor of Scent
Mistry, Rohinton               A Fine Balance
Sacks, Oliver                     Uncle Tungsten
Tyler, Anne                        anything by this author!
Philbrick, Nathaniel           In The Heart of The Sea
Barrett, Andrea                 Voyage of the Narwal
Timmerman, Kenneth        Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson
Bruce, Tammy                    The Death of Right and Wrong
Kingsolver, Barbara           The Poisonwood Bible
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