Twenty-Third Annual Reno/Tahoe Trip

  February 7 – February 13, 2010 

Bob did it again!  He organized a fantastic trip to Reno with help from the previous week’s Snow God and our week’s Sun God.  The weather was predicted to be bad, but it turned out to be good and better each of the five days we skied. 

Southwest Airlines took us to Reno; we rented vehicles for four; and we arrived at the El
before the Super Bowl started.  Most of us watched the game in the Brews Brothers.  Doris and her daughter Sandra from Texas, Jan Hudson from Phoenix, and Win and Cindy Madden  from Kona had preceded us to the El Dorado, and now there were 21 skiers in all.

On Monday we traveled to sunny Northstar (45 minutes away) to ski on well-groomed slopes and sit in the sun during lunch.  In the evening we enjoyed a buffet dinner with wine at the El Dorado.

Tuesday was foggy in the morning, but that didn’t detour Jay, Dean, Randy & Joe from leaving early and traveling to Kirkwood.  Randy & Dean liked the bowls, trees, and powder snow at Kirkwood. Three vehicles went to Alpine Meadows for the day.  Some of the gang were seen at Roxy’s in the evening.

Wednesday was a toss up as to where to ski, but a few vehicles  made it to Homewood.  Nothing but good reports about the skiing—“even the moguls were fun”!  Our car went to Squaw Valley where the skiing was good and the weather was windy. In the evening,  Bob had arranged a show for us at the El Dorado—“The Rat Pack.”  Dean, Frankie, and Sammy were excellent showmen in their own right, and the show was very entertaining.

Sugar Bowl was the mountain of choice on Thursday, although our vehicle traveled back to Northstar.  Both mountains were awesome that day, and we lucked out again.  The evening was free so we made the most of it.

A few vehicles didn’t go out on Friday.  The weather was predicted to be bad, but it turned out to be excellent.  Most of us went to Northstar again.  Jay, Dean, Randy & Joe went back to Kirkwood.  In the evening we had another buffet—seafood this time.  Choices after the buffet included more gambling or watching the Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies.

Jan Hudson was a big winner at the slots on Thursday night. Within 10 minutes and playing three machines, she won $70, $69, & $20. 

Southwest took us home on Saturday.  Thanks, Bob, for the great trip!   Jean Graves  Photos by Sandra Walker