Doing the 22nd annual Reno ski trip was as good as ever with all participants commenting in a positive manner.   Horizon Airlines started us off on a good note when they served us complementary beer and wine on the trip South.  They got us off a bit late but an early arrival made up for that. 


After checking in to the El Dorado (where we got the word that we would be doing a move Monday to better room) we did a walk thru of the Brew Brothers to see if we could find an appropriate Super Bowl party.  Not a seat was available, so we checked out Roxy’s where we found seats at the bar.  After several drinks and trips down to the buffet for rack of lamb, crab sandwiches and other tasty goodies, I tried to pay the bill and was told that this was complementary.  After ordering another drink, I was told that we were in a “high rollers” party.  What a party to crash. 


Monday was a blue bird day with many going to Northstar and Sugar Bowl.  No fresh snow, but very skiable with great sun. The move to double upgrade rooms as arranged by trip leader Bob went well and much better than could have been imagined when we came in from skiing.   Monday night was the Nugget Buffet which was as good as ever and Dave Shaw’s 80th birthday was celebrated. And he is still skiing as good as ever. 


Many went to Mt Rose on Tuesday where it was two for Tuesday.  Others went to Alpine Meadows and other locations.  Still great snow and sun.  No official functions were on the books for Tuesday night. 


Wednesday was another bluebird day with fine conditions.  Many different locations were on the books for each crew in each vehicle.  Wednesday night we attended the Toxic Audio show which was really interesting.


Thursday saw many of us going to Heavenly although other locations were also skied.  High winds at Heavenly resulted in trips to the California side of the mountain curtailed after midmorning.  Still the snow was great and conditions fine.  Thursday night was the El Dorado Buffet which was in their newly remodeled digs.  Very nice the new surroundings and the food was spectacular as always. 


Friday brought snow and hazardous driving conditions for those with chains or 4 wheel drive vehicles.  Most of the crew stayed in town but a few brave souls ventured down to Kirkwood or over to Northstar with very positive reports about conditions at both locations.  The famous wall at Kirkwood brought a “doable” comment from Serjit and resulted in Serjit sporting a new shirt with the boast of  his accomplishing  the trip down the wall. 


I will give you some of the comments from attendees, or things to be remembered about the trip, but if you want to know more about the comments, you will have to question trip attendees for explanations. 


Gerry Peterson has become an object of interest to Horizon Airlines. 


Dean Wilson will not forget his phone charger next trip.


This is a drinking club with a skiing problem.


The four horsemen who skied daily, Jim Coleman, Randy Singer, Sergit Chhabra, and Guy Moyer. 


Dick Cormier’s Friday night party at Roxy’s with great dancing. 


The return trip on Horizon was just as good as the other flight with complementary beer and wine and great let room for those of us who are tall.


This was just another wonderful Reno trip with great friends and ski buddies, wonderful accommodations, and events.      Submitted by Jim Remy     Photos courtesy Guy Moyer