The Great Northern Idaho Bike Adventure – August 2009

Those of you who like to cycle missed some great rides!  The group (which I warned Dennis might get too large) was a very manageable FIVE when we gathered for the first ride in Kellogg, ID on August 13. 

We rode west on the Trail of the Coeur D’Alenes in the early evening, planning to just go to Pineville.  But oops!  The trail was so nice we ended up in Enaville before we knew it. 

Decided NOT to eat at the old brothel and headed back to pizza and beer as planned.  

Met the next morning to ride in the other direction…to notorious Wallace, that former den of iniquity.  The ride was really nice until the rain started.  We finally sought shelter at a bike friendly convenience store until it slowed back down to “drizzle.”  As the photo confirms we were all still SMILING.

Stopped at 1313 for burgers and “wet burros.”  By then the sun was out and we checked out the town—and the Huckleberry Festival.  And part of the road to Avery.

Got back in time to do what was the lowlight of the trip…the Ride and Dine offer from the Silver Mountain folks.  Ride the gondola up to the base of the ski area and eat BBQ on the mountain.  As Mike McClean put it, “This sounded really good on paper.”  No one was prepared for 35 degrees and rain and the staff was cooking on 4 inches of water.  But the stories about that part of the trip will be around for a long time!

The next morning, the tiny group got tinier when two had to go on early for other commitments.  They scrubbed the Route of the Hiawathas ride when it was 42 degrees and foggy when they got to Lookout Mountain to pick up their trail bikes.  The rest of the five some started at the LOWER end of the trail, which made for a harder ride, but much better scenery.  They worked up such an appetite they went BACK to 1313 in Wallace and had burgers and burritos AGAIN!

This was a great trip and one that we need to do more often.  Thanks to Dennis Coburn for setting it up.      Mary Lloyd

Coming into Wallace

Wet but still having fun

Waiting for  burgers and burros

Mike & Bob's history lesson