What can we say – Even if the snow was not the premier quality we might have expected, the Skihawks who joined Sandee & Mike Miner in Vail had six great days of skiing! We started with a spring skiing stint with 3 days of bright sunshine and folks trying to find a place to put all that extra clothing. Things cooled down a bit with a few winds later in the week, and despite some skied out runs, Mike Miner scouted the mountain for the runs that had the good stuff.

In a few words, here are some paraphrased comments for all the enthusiastic participants:   "Lodging at Lionshead made everything so convenient; snow was hard but very skiable; the music at the French Bar, “Centre V” where we all danced for hours was the best!!”

“Playing that “Oh Heck” card game was a hoot; participating in Sirjit’s birthday party was very fun; the Beaver Creek information tour was fantastic; and skiing the back bowls – priceless!”

“Camaraderie of the group Sandee’s leadership and social skills made this trip the best.” 

“Getting on local TV at Centre V and Todd Suddick winning a prize from the TV guy"

"Loved snowshoeing at Beaver Creek.”

“The group just jelled very well.”

“The ‘Luv girls’ (Suzette, Monique & Bun Bun) conquered Blue Ox with ease!”

“According to ‘Monique’ (Mona) skiing next to Dean is very dangerous.”

“According to Dean, skiing down slope from Mona is very dangerous.”

The great, unsolved mystery: Leon’s missing 6-pack of pink grapefruit. Like OJ, he’s pledged his life to find the culprit.

“Vail was all a Sandee trip could be; from fun-loving roomies to sunny spring skiing and boarding.”

“Skiing was wonderful and it was a daily morning delight to look into 305 and start the day with greetings from the Luv girls.”

“2 weeks at 10,000 feet! Wahoo!!”

“Even the bus trip back was a hoot. Plenty of wine, snacks and pizza, and Sirjit showing us his videos of our wild-dance evening, where Dean did improvisational dance and Candy did the Cucaracha. In the first case – forgettable. In the second – inspired!”

There was more than downhill skiing on the trip to Vail.  One day Suzanne Fell went snowshoeing at Beaver Creek, and the next day she persuaded three of us—Jean Graves, Cynthia Hammer and Sandee Miner-- to join her.  We caught the bus that took us from Vail to Beaver Creek for just $1 as all of us were over 60.  There we got outfitted with boots and snowshoes and purchased single rides on the Strawberry Park Express, taking us to McCoy Park, an area reserved for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  While it was a struggle for all of us to do any uphill climbing—remember this is at 10,000 feet—we enjoyed the beauty of the area and the fabulous view of the neighboring mountain range while eating our picnic lunch.

The return trip was even more exciting as we wended our way downhill through an aspen forest.  We then decided to eschew the chairlift down, choosing instead to hike the 3 mile, 2000’ descent.  Tired but satisfied, our timing was perfect for catching the 4 p.m. bus back to Vail.  Amazing, that that evening we all had the energy to dance and celebrate at Surjit’s birthday party.
     Dean Wilson