Skihawks at Whitefish Ski Resort
March 3-10, 2013
   Four Whitefish travelers drove there and can tell their stories about the drive.
   When our chartered bus of 13 arrived at the King St Station, the other 10 train travelers were there. We rode the Amtrak up the beautiful Puget Sound, and had a dinner as it got dark going into the Cascades. We woke up to a breakfast by 7 because we arrived at Whitefish at 730am. Once up the mountain and checked in, we were able to ski all day. The first night the Whitefish Resort gave us a reception and told us all the tours, lessons, activities we could do. From dogsleds, to cross country skiing Glacier Park. Whitefish is truly a ski-in ski-out resort, and there is so much terrain, that it is hard to go on every run, whether it’s blue or black. I loved several blue runs, and once I found them, I got to know them, Whitetail, Hellroaring, and GrayWolf. The Summit offered long runs of many types, lots of tree powder I believe, so I’m told…. I enjoyed the Mountain Host that Mira found, Jane, who has been in Whitefish 9 years, and she took us places we had not tried yet. My teacher, Winky, showed me a great tip to help me turn using my little pinky toe on my downhill ski to start my turn. I have been such a one ski carver.
   I skied 5 days in a row and found that the weather continually changed. If the morning was bad the afternoon was good, and if the sun was up it would be cloudy in a little while. If the front was bad the back side was good. If the summit was foggy the back side was clear. But I fell in love with the mountain and the people at Whitefish were so friendly and accommodating we really had a hard time finding anything wrong.
   We had a group party Thursday and gave prizes for the BigFishWhiteMountain Game, just for the heck of it. There were Blue Hair and Groucho Marx spottings during the week, that some say were hiding in the SkiHawks, hoping to remain anonymous! We even had trip drop-ins by other SkiHawks, too late to get into our trip. I love it when more people want to have fun.    Susan Becklund

Jack Millikan, Susan Becklund, Carollynn Zimmer, Art Hahn,  Bob Taub, Myra Bergsma, Jim Remy

Mark Kogle, Joan McLean, Sandy Papacek

Hae Chung Peppe and Gail Feagins

Looking down on Whitefish Lake and Flathead Lake in the distance


Judy Sacha, Margaret Stevens, Sandy Papacek, Sue Perry, Mark Kogle

Art Hahn, Bob Taub, Jesus, Jim Remy

Judy Sacha, Guy Moyer, Sue Perry, Norma Green, Mark Kogle, Joan McLean, Dean Wilson

Sandy Papacek, Margaret Stevens, Mona Koch


Hungry Skihawks getting ready to share a good meal

Sandy with Jesus

Margaret Stevens, Sue Perry, ____, Mona Koch, Sandy Papacek

Mike McLean with Fred Root

 Mark Kogle, Al Erlandson, Margaret Stevens, Randy Singer, Dean Wilson, Guy Moyer

Carollynn Zimmers and Art Hahn

The Starbucks mermaid and Groucho Marx

Pictures courtesy Sandy Papacek, Carollynn Zimmers, Gail Feagins