Greenwater Trail Hike 2011

Because the snow level was so low, Skihawks did what's turning out to be an annual event - the Greenwater Trail hike August 2.  A number of Skihawks turned out for this midweek hike.  This trail follows an extremely beautiful route with just enough ups and downs and river crossings to keep it interesting, and the trail meanders thru an extremely lush forest found only in our Pacific northwest.   After the hike we adjourned to the Naches Tavern in Greenwater for nachos and liquid refreshments.  Thank you once again Carol Howard for organizing this.
Pictures courtesy Rich Poelker and Ron Ewert

Can you see the swimming otter?

Make up your own caption on this one

Dean Wilson -"Does this tree make my butt look big?"

Laurie Gillette - "We put the beer in here on the way up, where is it now?"

Charles Clapp - "This Easter hat's really too heavy!"

Sandy Blondino - "Odd place for an outhouse."

Sandi Braget - "Hey mates...I think we can bunker down here for our nap."