After receiving a packet with lots of information and trail maps in their mailbox, 25 Skihawks arrived at the airport excited to start their Colorado ski vacation.  Upon landing at Aspen Airport, a shuttle was waiting to whisk them to the Crestwood Condos for a welcome party.  The mountain and condo personnel handed out goodies and information, answered questions, and wined and dined them.  The Miners even ordered in a Burrito Bar to fill our stomachs!
Since the Crestwood was slope side, all we had to do was get up to a bluebird day and put on our skis and off we went!  Several of us met for mountain tours and even had our guide spend the day and take us to secret stashes in the aspens!  We quickly found out where to après-ski in Snowmass and several of us enjoyed the beautiful hot tubs with the natural rocks in them.  Did anyone use the outdoor pool?

Some dined at the Brothers Grille uphill and Dean, Randy, and Al wore their ski boots to dinner.  I think their feet were in pain, so they tried to drown it with wine and beer.  After dinner, they put on a headlight and skied down the hill in the dark~~now that is really “night skiing”!

Several spent a day at Aspen Mountain~~another bluebird day for us.  Since Susan had friends there, some of us were able to find all the best places to ski and eat on the mountain.  It was so interesting to know the history of the area from these local folks!   They even invited us to their wonderful home for dinner one evening.

One evening the whole group went to the Stewpot for dinner, and it was excellent!  So good, that some even went back again!

Gail, HaeChung, Donna, and Charlene took the sleigh ride out to dinner one evening.  Please explain how Donna came back with a slash on her leg.  Was that too much wine, Donna?  I did hear that Gail and HaeChung learned to not sit in the front quickly as the snow blows up in your face!!

Lots of people did group dinners in the condos and had hot tub parties to discuss their day’s activities.

A few Skihawks arrived on the trip with a virus, so they spent some condo time trying to get over it.  They did share it, however!

Some skied all 4 mountains and some just skied Snowmass and Aspen.  On a powder day, most of the Skihawks were seen off in the trees like Powerline Glades.  What fun!!   As you can see, SandyPa survived her ditch jump!  Check out her Facebook page!  Susan, Mike Major, Sandee, and Pat hiked up Long Shot and after catching their breath skied all the way down to Two Creeks—5.3 miles (mostly ungroomed!).

The condos were great, the weather was great, we loved it when we got the powder, and we were sorry when the week ended, BUT most of us were on to another adventure!

Eleven people shuttled back to Aspen Airport and the rest of us bused to Beaver Creek to our new home for the week.  St. James Place was beautiful!  Ten more arrived from Denver to join our fourteen that evening to join us for a welcome party and received information on the mountain.

Overlooking the town of Beaver Creek Everyone gathered the next morning for a mountain tour and then started skiing all over the mountain.  Susan, Mike Miner, and Al headed for Vail and secret stashes the next day, but most of the club stayed at Beaver Creek.  The next day was a powder day and Jim, Pat, Maggie, Joan, and Sandee were seen in the terrain park and in and out of the trees—fresh tracks wherever they could find them.  Pat ended up somehow on a double black with moguls higher than her head!  New knee or not, she got down it like the trooper she is!

Days end saw most Skihawks at McCoy’s enjoying Shannon Tanner and friends!  What a talent.  Even Gordon Lightfoot got up and performed.  Some took off with Shannon to the Splendido and the piano bar for more food, music and fun. Lunch at the Ritz in the sun was on the agenda and champagne was flowing as promised!  Marilyn was seen enjoying her glass and Suzanne was there too.

We had a pizza party the last night in the penthouse and watched the fireworks.  Since we had an early morning get-up, a promise of a Starbucks stop was issued.

 I missed most of the second week due to the virus attacking me, but the views out my window were beautiful.  I appreciate all of my club members as they helped carry the load for me.  Great trips are all about great people and I had the great people.  Thank you. 
Sandee Miner

Photos courtesy Pat and Jim Harrington, Lynne Dugaw, and Sandy Papacek

Bear with me

You lead

Love at first sight

Tree skiing?
Tree skiing?

Sandee's favorite run
Sandee's favorite run
Lunch at the Ritz
Lunch at the Ritz

There was a zebra spotting

Yes it was that warm
Yes, it was that warm

Our leaders
The man in white is Gordon Lightfoot.  THE Gordon Lightfoot.  And he looks healthy!!  This was at a regular apres-ski entertainment with Shannon (yellow shirt).  He had a bunch of song writing friends there and was having each sing a song or two of theirs.  I didn't know any of them and wasn't paying much attention when the last one started singing a Gordon Lightfoot song. What? Really? Nah, couldn't be.  He looks too healthy.  Sure sounds like him though.  Yes, it really was THE Gordon Lightfoot.  Amazing!         Margaret Stephens