Hey, Guys and Gals!

You know, besides the unlimited joy of pulling the wool over someone's eyes while diving into their wallet, and the usual

'There's a sucker born every minute'


'You can fool some of the people all of the time'

and the all too familiar

'Hey, let's play Doctor!'-

there are many other reasons to become a

(And the simple schooling is a big cherry on top, friends and neighbors!)

Here's one reason , a good one, cuz there's got to be some sublustation going on here!

And this one's definitely ready for some medicine!

Now I'm not sure, but rectal exams could be part and parcel of the whole chiropractic experience, and even if they're not, there are no standards guys and gals, so just do it. Tell 'em it's part of the holistic treatment! As in ass-hole, which is what you are if you go to a chiropractor! But not necessarily what you are if you are one!

(Unless of course you believe all that shit.)

Now don't get me wrong here....

I like a back massage as much as the next guy or gal, and I'm more than ready to pay for one at any time, especially from a lissome young thing, rather than from some grey-haired charlatan with fake diplomas from fake schools on his wall.

Cuz ya know, there are still medical schools in Mexico with more credentials than so-called chiropractic institutes. Licenses to steal have been part and parcel of the 'alternative' 'professions' for thousands of years. (Even more so than the same advantages the 'real' professions exploit.) But until we recognize the various bunco schemes for exactly what they are, it is caveat emptor.

Unfortunately, with chiropractors, you can lose a lot more than just your money, you can lose all sensation below your neck.... (But then, you've lost all sensation above your neck by going to one in the first place, unless you're there in an investigative capacity for the local constabulary....)

loop de loop

Back to (probably) where you started....