Pieces of the Stillborn Rage

© by yours truly, around 1968.

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We should be content with the mysterious,
the meaningless,
the contradictory,
the hostile,
and most of all the unexplainably warm and giving . . . .
-- Philip K. Dick

Whose turn is it to ask directions?
Don't squeeze me there, yet.

I Want You To Know

Oh, I want to kiss your lips
Kneel and squeeze your hips
Lay you down and roll over your thighs
Bite your back and swallow your eyes
I want you to know how
Much I want you here now.

I want your toes in my hair
And your hands everywhere
Sudden spins of time and space
And all those lights sparkling in your face
I want you to know how
Much I want you here now.

I want your color and
I want your sound
And I want all your hunger
Of your body and your mouth
And I want you to know, how
How I want you here now.

While the stars gather 'round the sun
Waiting to drop from the sky
When you clasp the night with your cries
Sing me the words of your joy
And wake me in your morning.

I want to signal your tongue
And brush your cheeks with sighs
And nuzzle your belly
And balance you between heat and pain
I want you to know, oh how much
I want you to know me here now.

I want you to know how
I want you here now.

To know you've found me.

Requiescat in pace.

Her softest of all touches is gone.
Kisses whisper into the empty air.

She was the faerie queene
  Removing me to wondrous lands
Clothing me in the clouds
  And feeding me the earth itself
Walking through silver showers
 Amidst shadows of the moon
Dancing the day in silken shoes
  To waltzes of the golden hours.

Her magic of time is over
And I've walked on
  Under the unwarming sun
Tales of her realm
 Sprouting behind my steps
Blossoms for the path.

actually Simone's lips....

Since April 1st, the Magick Nombre is Starting over is never easy.

For-wearied with my sports, I did alight
From loftie steed, and downe to sleepe me layd;
The verdant gras my couch did goodly dight,
And pillow was my helmet faire displayd:
Whiles euery sence the humour sweet embayd,
And slombring soft my hart did steale away,
Me seemed, by my side a royall Mayd
Her daintie limbes full softly down did lay:
So faire a creature yet saw neuer sunny day.

Most goodly glee and louely blandishment
She to me made, and bad me loue her deare,
For dearely sure her loue was to me bent,
As when iust time expired should appeare.
But whether dreames delude, or true it were,
Was neuer hart so rauisht with delight,
Ne liuing man like words did euer heare,
As she to me deliuered all that night;
And at her parting said, She Queene of Faeries hight.

When I awoke, and found her place deuoyd,
And nought but pressed gras, where she had lyen,
I sorrowed all so much, as earst I ioyd,
And washed all her place with watry eyen.
From that day forth I lou'd that face diuine;
From that day forth I cast in carefull mind,
To seeke her out with labour, and long tyne,
And neuer vow to rest, till her I find,
Nine monethes I seeke in vaine yet ni'll that vow vnbind.

- Edmund Spenser (1552-1599)



Children should be lead to open spaces- no pews, good news.

©1990-2010 Wade T. Smith

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