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  Monthly Inspection and Property Oversight

We can provide monthly inspection of your property, a detailed inspection report and photos. We can provide oversight of all maintenance occurring on the property. If we are on the property daily due to sweeping and cleaning and landscaping services we are already performing at the site, we can cost effectively provide a shopping center owner with an array of inspection services and general maintenance services and oversight of other contract services (such as contracts to maintain, repair or add to the existing property. We can also put these contracts out to bid for you, collect the bids, and once the bid is awarded we can inspect the job and serve as liaison).

Here is a list of typical Inspection and oversight duties we perform:

  • Oversight of on-site contract work,
  • Bid Let and Collection for various construction, and plumbing job, and electrical, jobs as well as subsequent oversight of these jobs with reports to property owner of status on a daily / weekly basis until job is finished.
  • Act as contact person for maintenance issues that tenants need to report.
  • Handle all tow-away's,
  • provide monthly inspection reports of property
  • provide picture taking services to document activities on the property, as well as maintenance issues, or work progress in the case of property maintenance or repairs.
  • help oversee tear-outs and build-outs as tenants leave and move in
  • provide lock smith service
  • act as point person to give contractors and maintenance people access to buildings
  • other services at request.
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