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Lot Maintenance and Management Services in the Greater Houston Area

We offer Parking Lot Vacuuming, Lot Sweeping, Lot Striping, General Lot Maintenance, General Shopping Center Maintenance, Tear-outs, Interior and Exterior Painting, Pressure Cleaning, and more.

S&A Consulting of Houston provides an array of commercial shopping center and commercial office building maintenance services. These services are listed to the left and include those listed below. For more information on these services, and pictures of most services, click on the buttons at left.

S & A Consulting Services include:
  • Property Inspection and Maintenance Management
    • point person for tenants to report building maintenance problems to.
    • oversight of on-site contract work
    • bid let and collection
    • provide regular inspection of property
    • provide picture taking services to document activities
    • monthly inspections, picture taking
    • act as point person to give access to buildings
    • and other services
    • electrical and plumbing maintenance
  • lot vacuuming for trash removal as well as hand picking of flower bed areas
  • lot striping, lot painting and lot stenciling, as well as parking lot sign installation
  • asphalt and concrete pot hole repair
  • speed hump and bollard installation
  • awning cleaning and installation
  • interior and exterior painting and tear outs as tenants leave
  • install large boulders at curb corners to stop large trucks from crushing the curb
  • pressure washing of the business parking lot with or without waste-water retention and removal
Monthly Inspection|Lot Striping|Lot Cleaning|Lot Stenciling|Pothole Repair|Lot vacuuming|Sign Installation|Awning Cleaning|Painting|Awning Installation|Bollard Installation