To the General Public: The events reported here are a single incident and are the result of the actions of a few misguided people. San Joaquin Delta Power Squadron (SJDPS), like any volunteer organization, will occasionally be under the direction of inept people who put their own private agendas ahead of the governing principles, purpose, and goals of the organization. This in no way diminishes the dedication and excellent civic service provided by SJDPS or its parent organization which has been honored by three U.S. presidents for its civic contributions and for educating more than 4 million boaters in the last half-century.

__________________Begin Email from Commander Stapp____________

From:   Commander John G. Stapp S
Subject: Al Rubin's final notification of status.
Date: March 16, 2008 9:53:13 PM PDT
To:   Al Rubin, the Executive Committee, and other Squadron members (addresses hidden)

Mr. Rubin,

As I sit here about to compose this e-mail, I must admit to mixed emotions,
to wit, that I was under the impression that we had an agreement that this
matter would lay in abeyance until
I had recovered from this Flu. However you have chosen to totally ignore the
pleads of a very compasionate and understanding Commander whose sole intent
was to allow you some grace
and latitude in your in your decision to resign as Chair of the I.T.
Committee, as Webmaster, involvement in the Piloting class and as an
associate skipper saver Instructor. I errantly alowed
latitude, thinking you might wish to help Deb Wolfe with the construction of
the new Web-site and, to continue on with your Teaching/Proctoring of the
Piloting Class and your involvement with
the Skipper saver program. In otherwords to allow you a graceful out,but no
you have chosen a path of self distruction so, it is my final and binding
decision to insruct you as follows. You are to

            I. Turn Down Your Web-Site in it's entirity IMMEDIATELY. ( and
leave it off forever)
            II. Your resignation from the I.T. Chairmanship is accepted.
            III. Your resignation from Position of Web-Master is accepted.
            IV. Your resignation from the Position of Instructor/Proctor of
the Piloting Class is accepted.
            V. Your resignation from the position of Skipper Saver
Instructor/Avisor is accepted.

In closing it is my duty as Commander of the S.J.D.P.S. to notify all
Executive Committee Members, all Bridge Members, all Committee Chairs that
this decission is final and binding.
As far as I am concerned this matter is now closed forever more. DO NOT SEND


Commander John G. Stapp S

San Joaquin Delta Power Squadron

16, March 2008

____________________End of Email from Commander Stapp__________________

UPDATE - April 14, 2008

It was announced at the monthly general meeting that Commander Stapp had resigned for personal reasons.