by P/Lt/C Allen G. Rubin, AP
Former Webmaster and Chairman Information Technology Committee

In 2001 at a regular monthly Squadron meeting, I requested and was granted permission to establish a Squadron web site. I then solicited suggestions from the membership regarding preferred content and format, but, since only a few offered any concrete preferences, the design of the web site was left to my discretion. After reviewing National's requirements, I set up our initial web site and assumed all the costs for hosting it so that there would be absolutely no initial or recurring cost to the Squadron. Rita and I continued to fund the web site until its removal as ordered by Commander Stapp.

In 2002 the original web site received a Web Excellence Award from the USPS National Committee. This is a very prestigious award and is given to those few squadrons whose web sites surpass the highest requirements of the National Committee. A point system is used to determine eligibility for the award. All sites are reviewed with regard to technical aspects, presentation of information, ease of navigation, public appeal, overall appearance, and similar items of interest to the general public. They are also examined to determine the availability of information for squadron members, how well it is presented to the membership, and overall conformance to USPS standards. The original web site continuously received a Web Excellence Award from the USPS National Committee every year since 2002.

In addition to the web site, I added online documents including our Squadron Roster, Organization Chart, and By-Laws. The Roster page allowed you to send email to individual or all Squadron members, and all of these online documents could be downloaded and printed. These documents provided quick access to important Squadron information for any member who was interested. These valuable features were lost when the web site was discontinued.

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