Malcolm Everett "Mac" Wallace

Malcolm Wallace page Malcolm Wallace is, in our opinion, the key figure in the Kennedy assassination. He was positively identified by Loy Factor as one of the sixth floor gunmen, as well as the recruiter and organizer of the conspiracy.

Madeleine Brown, the mistress of LBJ, also positively verified that Wallace was LBJ's "hatchet man" and was a professional killer.

Billie Sol Estes, in the newly released "Estes documents" states that Wallace carried out eight murders at the direct command of LBJ. One of those eight murders was that of John F. Kennedy.

Some things we know about Malcolm Wallace.

1. Born in 1921, he was killed in a single-car "accident" in Pittsburg, Texas, in 1971. He was 50 years old.

2. He was convicted of for the first degree murder of John Douglas Kinser in 1952. Due to a rigged jury, and the legal help of John Cofer and Polk Shelton (two of LBJ's finest attorneys) Wallace received a five (5) year SUSPENDED sentence.

3. He worked in aerospace / defense firms from 1953 to 1968. Two of his employers were Temco Aircraft and Ling Electronics - later to become Ling Temco Vought. (LTV)

4. According to Estes' statement, as well as Loy Factor's account, Wallace also recruited Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald.

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