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Glen & Mark

A student sends thanks...

Glen (if I can call you that),
Your book answered most of my questions and helped me quite a bit in my
presentation/discussion. My history teacher, who is quite the JFK conspiracy
buff, was somewhat surprised by your LBJ theory (surprised in a good way)
and by Bonar Menninger's "Mortal Error", though everyone in my class
supported your theory more than a straight ballistics book.

Anyway, I thank you once again, and probably for a long while after for
your help and investigative abilities to aid me. Although I'm not sure if
it affects you in any way, but I'm currently in the procedure of searching
for your book in book stores. A much unknown theory that is now being

Again great thanks are forwarded to you.

Peter Rempel

P.S. pulled off a 94% on the presentation. Just that little bit short of an A++ . . .

Thanks for your page:

Your page is great!!! Thanks for putting it on the web!!!
I really enjoyed your page, lots of excellent info. ...
Once again thanks for a job well done....Neal

I have been working on Billy Sol Estes, etc., and checked in with your pages.
Well done!

See you in Dallas.

george michael evica

Questions on book:


I finished reading your book. I enjoyed it and look forward to further updates.

When I look at the sketch on page 189, it sure looks like Billy Sol, as I
remember seeing him on TV and in the Newspapers of the time. Estes claims
that Cliff Carter told him that Mack Wallace fired a shot from the Grassy
Knoll. Interestingly, Madeline Brown repeats that claim in Noel Twyman's
book, Bloody Treason. If Wallace was a Grassy Knoll shooter, how did his
fingerprints get up on the Sixth Floor? What did Wallace and Factor do with
the rifles they had/used?


John Hayes

I was looking at a Penn Jones' "Mysterious Deaths" article I found on the
web last night, and I came across this:

"Cliff Carter, LBJís aide who rode in the vice presidentís follow up car in
the motorcade in Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was gunned down, was
LBJís top aide during his first administration. Carter died of mysterious
circumstances. Carter died of pneumonia when no penicillin could be located
in Washington, D.C. in September 1971. This was supposedly the cause of

So not only was Carter in Dallas at the time of the assassination, he was
actually in the motorcade!!! And it would be my guess that Carter
accompanied LBJ to Texas several days earlier. It would be interesting to
find out if he contacted Wallace during that time.


Dear Glen,
I have purchased the book from the Last Hurrah book store. Thank you
for taking the time to see that I would get a copy of the book I've read
the book and really enjoyed all the information you have found on the
JFK assination as I am interested in solving the assassination of JFK
therefore any information you have will be greatly appreciated. Please
keep me posted on any additional or new information you may come across.
If I can help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Phillip Cote,Sr.

Hey Glen,

I just wanted to pass on this note. I acquired a 1943 Univ. of Texas
annual at a used book store today because I knew there were at least 2
photos of Wallace in it. In studying each page, page by page, I came
across a picture of Jack Brooks. Brooks was a journalism major at TU and
of course, you recall, he is featured in the famous photos with LBJ
taking the oath of office on Air Force One on 11.22.63. He was (and is
still alive, I think) a long time Texas Democrat in the U.S. House of
Rep. Brooks was from Beaumont, Texas.
So I thought I would start looking for other pictures of old Jack
throughout the rest of the annual. On page 245 of the annual, the MICA
association is featured. MICA is the Menís Inter-Community Association
whose ďÖ main purpose is to give the unorganized students of the campus
a chance to develop leadership ability and to make new friendsĒ. It had
1200 members (I assume at TU alone) in 1943.

In separate photos featuring members of this organization are Brooks
and just barely but definitely shown in a separate photo is Wallace.
That year Wallace was Secretary-Treaurer of this organization and Jack
Bascom Brooks is one of 27 Executive Council member.
Pretty interesting, huh?

See yah!

Larry Chenault

Subject: great site!

Thank You,
After reading an old book called '' A Texan Looks At Lyndon'' I have always
wondered why it seemed no-one had ever implicated LBJ as fully responsible for
the assasination.With that personality,he would feel no remorse whatsoever for
having Kennedy killed,People need to wake up and see the obvious rather than
blame the CIA,Mafia and others.LBJ was probably the most evil man to have
served as president.Keep looking for new information along these lines,glad to
see it here amongst the usual nonsense.

Bill Bryant

Subject: your theory

After "clicking" through your most comprehensive web-site,I felt compelled to
e-mail you with a sincere "thanks". While at U.C Berkeley in the `70`s, I also
was quite bewildered at the so called "J.F.K assasination experts" beliefs and
It was because of my utter disdain for the "ignorant experts" conclusions,that
prompted me to arm myself, if for no other reason but self satisfaction, with
ALL the available facts concerning the REAL chain of events transpiring on
that beautiful, but inevitably, most sorrowful day in November of `63.
Though, back then, there were still many questions ( as is the
case today! ) unanswered, a veritable plethora of information was indeed
available, all that was necessary was the willingness (and objectivity) to
peruse the volumes of documentation relative to the subject. I, am truly happy
I did!, for it does not require one to be an "asassination theorist" to come
to a set of questions, that after just a modicum of research, have not (with
the exception of your book) been answered...Those questions are....1. Who
stands to gain THE most from the assasination ?....2. Who has the implement it...3. Who has the might (both political and
financial) to cover it up?....TOUCHE...You`ve hit the mark!!......L.B.J !!!!!

Joseph Sumen

after reading many,many books on this subject yours is the first with definative
answers given instead of hypothsis and innuendo as in all crimes all one has to
ask one's self, is who had the most to gain?!!

Subject: Kennedy Assassination

I have been intrigued by your book's overview, though I have not read
it yet. That Oswald was involved some way is not only plausible, but
probable. The likeness of Malcolm Wallace on the website, in one instance,
depicted him wearing horn-rimmed glasses. A man with horn-rimmed glasses
was seen leaving the book depository by a witness, according to Josiah
Thompson's book, Six Seconds in Dallas. Also, ditto to the confirmation of
the men involved in the depository being dark-skinned. This was confirmed
by several witnesses. Further, Roger Craig, deputy sheriff told Captain
Fritz that he saw a man with dark skin, possibly Mexican or Indian at the
wheel of a station wagon parked in front of the TSBD, with Oswald dashing
down a bank and getting in the car. When Craig mentioned this, Oswald
replied, "I told you about that. That car belongs to Ruth Paine, don't get
her involved in this." That statement by Oswald confirms Craig's
eyewitness account, and debunks the official account of Oswald's departure
on foot, then on bus, then in a taxi cab. I believe Mac Wallace was at the
wheel of that wagon, and that he drove Oswald to his apartment, from where
he proceeded on foot to the Texas Theater. Meanwhile, Wallace and a cohort
encountered J.D. Tippit and murdered him.

Although Oswald, it seems was in on a plot, it also seems he was
being set up well in advance of November 22. He had been met by Richard
Nagell with two Cubans who posed as pro-Castro and who were plotting to
kill Kennedy. Oswald thought he was part of a pro-Castro plot, but
actually was part of an anti-Castro plot. That's why, on the one hand, he
declared he was a patsy, but on the other, asked for John Abt as his
lawyer. Abt was notable for his defense work in the 1951 case involving
the application of the Smith Act, which pertained to conspiracies to
overthrow the government. Oswald knew this, and thought someone who had
defended Communists would defend him, merely a Marxist. But he was set up,
knew too much, and was eliminated by Ruby.

Then the second assassination team which you are convinced was
involved,(so am I), probably was stationed in the knoll area. Involved
were the two Cubans who were setting Oswald up, David Morales, and Eladio
del Valle, and possibly Felipe Santiago.

One last issue. What was the role of Buell Wesley Frazier in all
this? First of all, it seems to me that Ruth Paine was involved as a
background participant. She testified to the presence of a gun in her
garage, which noone saw, she loaned her station wagon on Nov.22, and she
was responsible for Oswald's hire at the TSBD. She is said to have
received a call from Frazier's sister, to the effect that Wesley said
there was an opening at the depository. But this was simply a cover story.
Frazier's early testimony was suspicious to the police. After they
subjected him to a polygraph test, which he failed, they released him.
They also asked him about a British Enfield rifle. Why? What do you think
Frazier's role was, if any?

Appreciate your web site,

Roy Bier Just went through your wehave read.
I have read the Lone Assasin theory and most all the conspiracy ones.
I always felt Oswald was involved but did not act alone. Do we have any ideas
who shot from behind the picket RH

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