Loy Factor.
In 1971, he confessed to being an accomplice in the murder of JFK.
"The Men On The Sixth Floor" tells his story.

Glen Sample & Mark Collom.

Highlights of "The Men On The Sixth Floor". The Loy Factor Story:
"The Men On The Sixth Floor" starts with Loy Factor, who was the key to unlocking the entire conspiracy. Who was he, and how did he become involved in such a murderous plot? How did it affect the rest of his life and why did he decide to break his silence?

The man who hired Loy Factor - Malcolm Everett Wallace:
Malcolm Wallace was described by Billie Sol Estes as a "stone killer" who took orders from Lyndon Johnson. Our story describes how this complex man, once on the path to fame and a Texas fortune, became an alcoholic, whose loyalty to LBJ turned him into a murderer.

That dreadful day in Dallas - November 22, 1963:
What were the logistics of the Kennedy assassination? Who actually fired the shots and from where? Our story then brings into view the beautiful young Latina, who assisted the assassins and then drove the getaway car out of Dealy Plaza.

The web of murder and greed Strong ties are developed from Malcolm Wallace all the way to the Johnson White House - encircling the richest and most influential men in Texas - oil barons, weapons manufacturers, and businessmen who would consider the removal of John Kennedy an act of patriotism.

The evidence behind the story.
How do we know that Factor was telling the truth? Follow the authors as they painstakingly follow each aspect of the Factor confession, tracking down each lead -proving beyond doubt that a major break in the Kennedy assassination has arrived!

You are invited by the authors to read for yourselves what many are calling "an important story" - "a break in this 40 year-old mystery" and "the only story about the assassination that REALLY made sense!"

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The 2003 History Channel Documentary "The Men Who Killed Kennedy - The Guilty Men" is based on the information contained in "The Men on the Sixth Floor".