Was the motorcade route changed?

There has been much discussion among
assassination students concerning the Dallas
presidential motorcade route. Many have, for
years, suffered under an inaccurate notion that
somehow the conspirators changed the route at
the last instant to bring the presidential limousine
to within a stones throw of the School Book
Depository Building. In fact, the route was not
changed. It remained the same from the start of
the planning to the day of the assassination. The
zig zag turn from Main Street to Houston and
then the hard left at Elm was not the evil
conception of the conspirators, but was, in reality,
the most practical way to merge onto the the
Stemmons Freeway and on to the Trade Mart.
What the conspirators did was work within
the plan. In order to work within the proposed
plan, they had to KNOW what the proposed
route plan would be. Did they? It is quite
possible that they did, thanks to Jack Ruby.

In an interview that we conducted with
Madeleine Brown, this ability of Ruby to procure
information, was discussed. According to Ms.
Brown, Ruby was flaunting the motorcade route
plans days before it was made public. She
recalled her visit to the Carousel Club one

"We used to go to his club once in a while
and drink ol' Southern peach brandys. You
know, the kind that really warm you up on
a cold evening! Well Jack was always glad to see
us. He always referred to us as 'you classy
guys.' One night, at the Carousel Club, about a
week and a half before the assassination, Jack
comes over to where I'm sitting with Larry
Buchanan, the creative director for our ad agency.
He has a map of the presidential motorcade route
in his hand and he proceeds to show it off to us."

"He had a map of the motorcade route?"
Mark asked.

"He sure did. We always knew that Jack
had all the inside scoop on everything that
went on in Dallas. He knew everyone in
the police department, and we knew he
had connections with the mob too. We
used to call him P. C. - for privileged

"What did he say about the motorcade

"Well, I asked him how in the hell did he
get that kind of information, but he just
smiled, and never answered us directly. It
was his way of showing off ... you know,
letting us know that he had connections."

This information that Madeleine recalls is further
borne out by Loy Factor's account of his dealings
with the conspirators.

Days before the assassination, Loy was holed up
with the group in a little house in Dallas. It was
there that the final planning was fine-tuned and
the signals worked out. According to Factor, it
was during this period that the group was joined,
once or twice, by Ruby and Oswald - together.
And on one occasion, Ruby, the one Madeleine
describes as having advance information
concerning the route, became agitated about a
possible ROUTE CHANGE. This is a portion of
our conversation with Loy Factor:

"You said that they all spoke Spanish... did

"Yeah, some of the time."

"Did Ruby speak Spanish?"

"I don't think so."

"What part did Ruby play?"

"I don't know, but one day he came in, and
he was real mad, and he tells Ruth Ann:
'The route's been changed, the route's
been changed!'

"He was worried that the route was
changed? What day was this?"

"I think it was the day before."

"So what happened?"

"Ruth Ann says: 'I'll be back in a little
while, I'm gonna go check it out.'"

"So where did she go?"

"I'm not sure, but she came back in a little
while...maybe an hour and tells everyone
that the route's the same...no change."

"What did Ruby say?"

"He told Ruth Ann: 'You better make sure
everything goes right, otherwise we're all
dead.' "

So, what Factor witnessed in this pre-
assassination time period was Ruby becoming
rattled by some rumor or report that the whole
motorcade would skirt by the Depository - out of
the range of Malcolm Wallace and the sixth floor

Was there reason for Ruby to become
agitated? Yes, for although one of the two Dallas
daily newspapers announced the correct route to
its readers, (The Dallas Times Herald) it's
competitor, the Dallas Morning News, described
the route INCORRECTLY in two of its editions!
On Friday morning of the assassination the latter
published a diagram that eliminated the zig zag
turn onto Elm Street altogether. It is entirely
possible that one of these wrong news reports is
what so startled Ruby into doubting his own
"inside" information.

Glen Sample