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Vatican Council II starts Alabama Voting Rights Campaign starts U.S. Civil Rights Act is signed into law Black voters in Selma appear at Dallas County courthouse for registration "Bloody Sunday"
Religious leaders come  to Selma
Selma to Montgomery march
U.S. Voting Rights Act passes Vatican Council II


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Sisters of Selma: Bearing Witness for Change

Executive Producer (Alabama Public Television)

Celia Carey, Managing Director of Documentary Production at the Birmingham station. She inherited Sisters of Selma from Tommy Wier who oversaw the development of the project, but retired before it went into production.  APT built and still maintains a website for Sisters of Selma which was designed in collaboration with Hartfilms.

Producer - Director - Editor (Hartfilms)

Jayasri Majumdar Hart is an independent producer-editor in Los Angeles.  She produced radio features for BBC World Service, London and TV programs for the national educational channel in India.

Associate Producer - Writer (Hartfilms)

William Hart is a novelist, poet and short story writer.  Although he is now based in Los Angeles, his family has deep roots in rural Alabama and the urban Midwest.   

Director of Photography
Sandra Chandler was director of photography on various PBS documentaries, and received an Emmy nomination for her documentary work for HBO.
Consulting Editor
Kate Amend, A.C.E
Bronwen Jones was principal clarinet with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.  She has composed music for several documentaries on Indian, Kurdish, Italian-American, Slovak, and German subjects.

Academic Advisors

Carol Coburn, Professor, Avila University in Kansas City has co-authored with Sister Martha Smith, Professor Emerita of History, Spirited Lives: How Nuns Shaped Catholic Culture and American Life, 1836-1920 (1999).  

J. Mills Thornton, Professor, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and a recognized authority on Alabama and civil rights, has helped shape several prestigious documentaries including George Wallace: Setting the Woods on Fire, and the PBS series Eyes on the Prize. The Selma section of this project is based largely on his Dividing Lines: Municipal Politics and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Montgomery, Birmingham, and Selma (2002).

Fr. Cyprian Davis, African American author of The History of Black Catholics in the United States (1990) was himself in Selma in March 1965 and knows the two African American sisters to be interviewed for this project.

Leslie Tentler, Professor, Catholic University at Washington D.C. and author of Wage-earning Women (1986) has written histories of the Catholic church in Detroit.

Alston Fitts III, author of Selma: Queen City of the Black Belt (1989), has the advantage of being a native Alabamian who has enjoyed a long and intimate association with the Fathers of St. Edmunds.

Research Associate
Gregory N. Hite
, PhD. University of Virginia has written The Hottest Places in Hell: The Catholic Church and Civil Rights in Selma (2002) using archival resources that this project is based on.

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