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Welcome to the new, revised, updated silverwitnes web site, Designed to lift up and glorify our living loving Savior.  I truly hope you enjoy your visit, and that it will be a rewarding/educational spiritualy nutritious experience.

The Goal of the silverwitnes Ministry is as follows:
1.  Sharing the awesome fact that God has a plan of the purpose for each and every life, and through his death burial and resurrection over 2000 years ago we have the opportunity as we receive Christ into our lives to be guided and directed into living out these divine purposes.

2.  To encourage other family members in Christ to take every advantage in sharing Jesus in the world around them, everyone has a personal sphere of influence, whether it is at work, school, or waiting in line in a long line at the grocery store or the Bank, you can be used to share God's love where you are at.                     continued.....  




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Updated  Feb.  2006