The Universal Wafer Lock Reader tool was designed to simplify the reading of wafer
type locks. The unique "scale" at the tip of the tool allows the locksmith to easily read
the subtle differences in the relative heights of the wafers in the keyway. The tool is
made of hardened stainless steel, and comes with complete instructions. Reading
is a skill that requires some practice.

Reading wafer locks allows the locksmith to simply look into the keyway and judge
the heights of the wafers, thereby determining the cuts required to operate the lock.
With this information, an operating key is made to the cylinder, using code cutting
equipment or simply by filing the key.

Reading, as a precursor to impression, will shorten the time required to make an
operating key. Reading as a method for making a key to open a vehicle avoids all
liability encountered when using lock bypass tools. Reading eliminates the need
to disassemble a door panel and cylinder, or remove a cylinder to search for a code,
that may or may not be present. Reading is a necessary skill for the modern locksmith.
Complete instructions enclosed.

See also: The National Locksmith Guide to Wafer Lock Reading.

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