Sierra Farm Naturally-Gaited Registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses
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Horses Sold
Dave and Traci Cross On the Trail
With Sweet Louie and Midnight

Here at Sierra Farm, we take great pride in offering just a few exceptional Missouri Fox Trotting Horses for sale.   We find that our finished trail/pleasure horses sell very quickly, but we try to keep a few for sale at all times.  Our goal is always to perfectly match the horse with the customer, and to do everything possible to help the new owner make a successful transition.  In the unlikely event of a mismatch, we also offer a 30-day money back guarantee option (see Guarantee and Services).  We offer horses at all stages of training for sale.  Here are just a few of the horses we have recently sold.

Barbara Robertson and Feather's Jumpin' Jack Flash
UPDATE:  With owner Barbara Robertson, Jack has been awarded THIRD PLACE in NATRC Competition for Best Condition in Region 5 for 2007 in his division at the NATRC National Convention in Sparks, Nevada.  WAY TO GO Barbara and Jack!! 
"Jack" is a puppy-dog friendly, gorgeous and smooth 1999 gelding standing 15.1 hands.  He is a proven trail horse in all types of terrain, and is a real gentleman.  Jack has exceptional athletic ability, intelligence and stamina; making him extremely versatile and an ideal prospect for many disciplines.  SOLD to Barbara Robertson of Ashland, Virginia.

Sierra Sun Dust
16.1 Sun Dust Rawhide Son

Sierra Sun Dust - 2002 Son of Sun Dust Rawhide out of Executive Lady (by Toddy's Perfection).  "Sierra" stands 16.1 hands currently and may not be done growing!  He is kind and gentle, with a calm disposition - just the right temperament for an excellent trail and pleasure horse.  Sierra has an awesome way of going - smooth, balanced and powerful - with a BIG, ground-covering stride and exceptional natural gait.  SOLD to Bob and Jean Guschl of Palmyra, Wisconsin!

Lad's Lady Airborne
"Arielle" by MO's Charming Lad

 "Arielle" is a drop-dead gorgeous 1995 former show mare with a beautiful natural fox trot and ground-covering flat foot walk.  Offered as an endurance/CTR prospect for an intermediate and up rider.  She has excellent stamina and loves to go - a bold and smooth horse on the trail with powerful and ground-covering stride.  Arielle is also a fine broodmare by the late MO's Charming Lad (Missouri Traveler x WGC Zane's Charming Lady) out of a direct daughter of WGC Warrior's Gentleman Gem.  We have 2 excellent daughters of Arielle on the farm.  SOLD to Charla McCullough of Terre Haute, Indiana!

Sierra's Charming Guinevere
Cast Iron Camelot x Lad's Lady Airborne
Sierra's Charming Guinevere - "Mini" - 2002 solid bay filly by Cast Iron Camelot x Lad's Lady Airborne.  This filly has an absolutely breath-taking way of going - natural rhythm, gait and ground-covering stride.  Mini is gentle, loves people and attention. She has the breeding, natural gait, kind disposition and athletic ability to go in absolutely any direction.  Ready to start now.  Will include a complimentary breeding to Bobby Bluegrass or Sun Dust Rawhide, redeemable at five years or older.  SOLD to Kathryn Stoll of Germany.

Pond Town's Midnight General

"Midnight" is a powerful, smooth and stout 1999 gelding standing 15.3.  An exceptional and eye-catching trail horse, he also has a calm, friendly disposition and is a true pleasure to be around.  Extensive trail experience in rugged terrain - this one won't be for sale long!  SOLD to Tracie Cross of Canton, Ohio.

Little Grey's Osage Star - 1997 Gelding

"Pumpkin" won the only NATRC Ride he has entered.  See details of his ride in Pumpkin Wins NATRC Ride!  He is a 1997 son of Little Grey's Sensation standing 15.0.  He is a natural for competitive trail - with P&Rs of 10/2 in competition with NO conditioning!  He has a smooth, ground-covering flat foot walk up to 6 mph and a very comfortable, set fox trot.  He is calm and very willing on trails and loves to go without being at all difficult to control.  SOLD - to Mary Pat Smith of Leavenworth, Kansas. Watch for them at Region 6 NATRC Rides!

Amber Kirchner and Lad's Glitter G
In Regional 4-H Western Performance Competition

"Glitter" is a gorgeous red roan sabino 1999 mare by Missouri's Charming Lad out of a Zane's Watergate daughter.  Very athletic, with outstanding natural gait.  Glitter has been professionally started, and has produced an excellent colt by Bobby Bluegrass.   SOLD to Angela Kirchner of Brandenberg, Kentucky. 

Sierra Star
Sierra Star - Absolutely gorgeous 2001 mare by Sierra Bo (Missouri Bo x Toddy's Perfection daughter) and a double-bred Golden Rawhide mare.  Look at that beautiful natural fox trot!  Star stands 14.2 hands.  Star is lightening fast and extremely quick and agile.  She has a very sweet disposition, loves people and has been under saddle since 2005.  Here is a rare opportunity to own a mare with the proven quickness to make an outstanding - perhaps even world-class - versatility horse.  Also perfect for a family breeding operation due to her excellent bloodlines.  Her Golden Rawhide breeding is very hard to find these days.   SOLD to George LaJeunesse of Broadalbin, NY.

Cloud's Grey Boy

"Cloud" stands 14.3, and is a 2002 gelding.  Gorgeous direct grandson of WGC Black Cloud C. Currently appears to be bay roan, but will likely turn gray in the coming year.  Cloud is sweet, kind, smooth and "unflappable."  Gentle enough for novice riders without being lazy for everyone else!  Excellent trail horse - safe and sane, intelligent, calm and very willing.  Super CTR and gentle family horse prospect.  SOLD to Pat Bloomer of Wytheville, Virginia.

Sweet Louie
By Sun Dust Rawhide out of Jazz's Sierra Lady

"Sweet Louie" is a very flashy red roan sabino 2000 gelding by Sun Dust Rawhide out of Jazz's Sierra Lady.  This makes him a direct grandson of both Sun Dust E. and Southern Jazz.  He will mature at 16.0 hands or better and is a truly outstanding representative of our breed.  Professionally trained, Louie will be working on his trail training this year.  He is kind and gentle, powerful, and smooth as glass - bred to show and with the athletic ability to do anything at all. SOLD to Dave Cross of Canton, Ohio.

Sierra'a Midnite Prince
Sun Dust Rawhide son

Sierra's Midnite Prince - "Prince" is a handsome, solid black 2002 gelding by Sun Dust Rawhide out of Bo's Midnite Cinderella.   Prince is extremely surefooted on the trail, yet has a BIG ground-covering stride making him ideal as an endurance/CTR prospect.  Smooth in all gaits, he has a flat-foot walk, a beautiful natural fox trot, and a very smooth, fluid canter.  Prince's very calm and gentle disposition makes him perfect for a family and CTR horse.  He is virtually unflappable in new environments, trailers well, and LOVES attention.  SOLD to Carol Mobley of Dover, Arkansas.

Sierra Sunsation - "Sunny"
Sun Dust Rawhide x Merry Boy Sensation Daughter

Sierra Sunsation - "Sunny" is a stunning 2003 minimal red roan sabino filly by Sun Dust Rawhide and Sensation's Baby Jo L.  (see Broodmares for Sale).  This filly boasts bloodlines "close-up" to some of the all-time greats in the breed, and is a direct granddaughter of both Merry Boy Sensation and Sun Dust E. In addition, Sunny is a great granddaughter of Zane Grey, Lady Anne, Red Rawhide, Black Angel E., Mr. Koscot, and Go Boy's Betty Boop.  This outstanding breeding makes her an excellent candidate for a top of the line broodmare.  In addition, Sunny also has beautiful natural gait, athletic conformation, flashy color, intelligence, size and friendly disposition; making her an excellent prospect for literally any discipline.  SOLD to Scott Kirchner of Brandenburg, Kentucky.