Sierra Farm Naturally-Gaited Registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses
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Saddle Horses for Sale



Because we ae downsizing our operation, we are offering once-in-a-lifetime values on these exceptional horses.  With rare exception, these horses have been bred, raised and trained by us.  We concentrate our training on developing exceptional trail athletes with natural fox trot gait.  We offer horses at all stages of training for sale.  We are constantly riding and developing these horses, so prices are subject to change without notice.  At these prices, we do not expect these horses to be for sale long.  As these horses sell, we will be continuing training of more horses, so check back often to see more saddle horses.

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Travelin' Sierra Anne - "Annie"
Sun Dust Rawhide x Missouri Millie

Travelin' Sierra Anne - "Annie," foaled in 2001, is a very special mare with beauty, brains, and breeding second to none.  She is a full sister to our stallion. Annie and Bobby Bluegrass are by Sun Dust Rawhide (see Our Stallions page) out of Missouri Millie (direct daughter of Missouri Traveler E) - see  Broodmares for Sale page for info on Millie.  Annie stands 15.1, and is a stout, strong horse.  Annie is an excellent trail horse, with extensive trail experience throughout Kentucky and Tennessee parks with rugged mountain terrain.   She has the potential to go in any direction - she would easily be competitive in CTR or condition her to be your next endurance horse.  She is very balanced, surefooted and athletic, with natural fox trot and ground-covering flat foot walk.  Annie is brave and forward moving on the trail - not spooky, intelligent, smooth in every gait, excellent natural endurance, and very bonded to people.  With five crosses to Lady Anne, her potential as a broodmare is superb.  Annie has a very sweet, gentle and people-loving disposition and would make an excellent family horse.  PRICED TO SELL $2800. 
Kentucky Red Bud - "Buddy"
Sun Dust Rawhide x Missouri Millie

Kentucky Red Bud - "Buddy" is a 2004 sorrel gelding, who is a full brother to Bobby Bluegrass, Travelin' Sierra Anne (above), and Sierra Isabell - by Sun Dust Rawhide out of Missouri Millie (Missouri Traveler E. x Midnight Sun direct granddaughter).   Buddy stands 15.1 and is a stout, strong, and very kind and friendly gelding with a laid-back disposition, natural fox trot, ground-covering stride and excellent conformation.  Goes great on the trail either solo or in a group.  Excellent family horse.  Very athletic with unlimited potential in any discipline.  Very well-priced at $3000. Edit

Gallant Gold Knight - "Lance"
By White Knight

Gallant Gold Knight - "Lance" is a very flashy 2002 palomino gelding by White Knight out of a Playboy's Gallant Red Fox/Golden Governor bred mare.  He stands 14.3, is very naturally gaited, friendly, gentle, willing and smart - all that and good looks, too!  He was professionally trained, using Natural Horsemanship methods, and was started under saddle in 2006.  Lance has a light mouth, responds to leg cues and is a forward-moving trail horse.    Lance is an outstanding CTR/Endurance prospect, with a resting heart rate of a LOW 37 bpm and quick recoveries with only minimal conditioning.  He would do best with a kind yet confident and assertive rider that he can look to as a leader.   Priced to sell at $3000.


LTO Bo's Midnite Cinderella SHOWING BITLESS
Missouri Bo x LTO Princess Lee Anne

LTO Bo's Midnite Cinderella - 1997 black direct daughter of Missouri Bo out of LTO Princess Lee Anne (by Zane's Blue Sterling), standing 15.0-15.1.   Cinderella is a wonderful, naturally-gaited pleasure mare with a lot of heart, intelligence and love of people.  We ride her bitless - and her gait is 100% natural.  She loves to go and would excel in CTR or possibly endurance, as well as being a pleasure to show and exhibit.  She is a fine representative of our breed. Looking for one horse that can do it all?  Look no further!  Cinderella would do well with a confident, intermediate and up rider.  As a broodmare, Cinderella has given us Sierra's Midnite Prince and Sierra Cinder (by Sun Dust Rawhide), and  Bluegrass Angel and Robert William H (both by Bobby Bluegrass).  Pictured here at an MFT breed exhibition at the world-famous Kentucky Horse Park.  Sells open or bred to Bobby Bluegrass, at your option.   A bargain at $2500.

Bluegrass 'n' Jazz - "Sparky"
Bobby Bluegrass x Jazz's Sierra Lady

Bluegrass 'n' Jazz - "Sparky" is a stunning 2004 beautifully marked red roan sabino gelding by Bobby Bluegrass and Jazz's Sierra Lady (see Our Mares).  This blue-papered colt boasts bloodlines "close-up" to Southern Jazz (direct grandson), Sun Dust E, Missouri Traveler E, Red Rawhide, Toddy's Perfection, Mack K's Yankee, and Midnight Sun.  Sparky has had professional Natural Horsemanship training, and is going very well  on trails.  He is calm, gentle, kind and very willing to please.  His exceptional breeding, natural gait, athletic conformation, flashy color, intelligence, and sweet disposition make him an excellent prospect for literally any discipline.  Sparky is a big boy, standing very close to 16.0$2500

Sierra's Copper Sun Dust - "Copper"
Sun Dust Rawhide x Go Boy's Honey Bee
Sierra's Copper Sun Dust - "Copper" 2001 sorrel 15.2 gelding (Sun Dust Rawhide x Zane's Go Boy daughter).  Copper is a wonderful horse!  He has "been there and done that" on trails throughout the southeast and midwest.  He excels in rugged terrain, with athleticism, surefootedness and intelligence.  He is comfortable in new surroundings, and loves trail rides.  He is extremely well-gaited and natural with super smooth flat walk, fox trot and canter.  He would be an ideal prospect for CTR and endurance with a low resting heartrate of 40 bpm and quick recoveries with minimal conditioning.  He rides very well alone, and is also good in groups.  He is suggested for a confident, intermediate and up rider because he likes to "get down the road."  Don't let this one get away - he could be your horse of a lifetime.  A steal at $2800.
Spanish Peanut - 2000 Mare
Sierra Bo x Go Boy's Honey Bee

Spanish Peanut - "Peanut" is a gorgeous 2000 daughter of Sierra Bo (Missouri Bo x Toddy's Perfection daughter) x Go Boy's Honey Bee (Zane's Go Boy x Mack K's Yankee daughter).  Peanut stands 14.3 and is a solid, beautifully conformed mare with very smooth natural gait.  She has produced excellent foals for us - Sierra Senorita (by Sun Dust Rawhide) and Bluegrass Brass (by Bobby Bluegrass).  She was professionally trained using natural horsemanship methods, but has not been ridden in some time.  She is certainly rideable by an experienced rider.  She is offered open or bred to Bobby Bluegrass, at your option.  Outstanding Value at $1500.

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