Sierra Farm Naturally-Gaited Registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses
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Guarantee and Services
All Horses are Guaranteed Sound for their Intended Purpose for Five Days from Date of Sale.  In addition, we offer an optional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on Finished Saddle Horses.
Our reputation at Sierra Farm is built on a consistent record of customer satisfaction and exceptional service.  We believe we owe it to our horses to "place" them only in appropriate homes with people who are a match in experience, desired riding disciplines, and who will be delighted with their new horse.
For this reason - and to accomodate our "remote" customers who may not be able to see the horse in person - we offer a buyer option of a 30-day money-back guarantee with every finished saddle horse we sell.  If a guaranteed horse is returned to us in the same condition in which it left, we will refund the purchase price no questions asked!  Our guarantee works like an insurance policy, and is available for a reasonable charge - at your option. 

"Remote" Customer Services - As popular as the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse breed has become, we recognize that there are still many areas of the country where these wonderful horses are hard to find.  We also know from personal experience how "hazardous" remote horse-shopping can be.  Because of this, we do all we possibly can to reduce the risk for the customer.  We have found that most people looking for a top quality horse are willing to pay a fair price for that horse - but they also expect to get what they pay for.  And rightfully so!  Our service includes all of the information you may need to make a purchase decision - detailed video of the horse, arrangement for a vet check from a qualified equine vet, arrangement for shipping that may be needed, and phone support after you get your horse home to make sure the transition is successful.  We have even provided "remote" riding lessons via video for new owners who are not familiar with Missouri Fox Trotters. 

Call us at 606-787-0498

Personalized Video - In order to suggest horses that may be suitable for you, we need to find out all we can about your preferences, needs, experience level, and the riding discipline(s) you are most interested in.  This is why it is important to talk with you personally before sending out any video or additional information.  In this age of e-mail, we know this approach is old-fashioned - but, horses are not "virtual."  They are living, breathing animals!  After we have had a conversation, we will mail you a personalized video of horses we believe may be suitable for you.

To get started, call us at 606-787-0498.  We are usually outdoors in good weather, but we return all phone messages promptly.