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Sierra Farm Naturally-Gaited Registered Missouri Fox Trotting Horses
Jazzwynd K. and Sierra Lily
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After nearly 20 years breeding Missouri Fox Trotting Horses, we are downsizing our operation and offering excellent values on top of the line horses.  Right now, we are offering some of our very best breeding stock, saddle horses and young horses.  This is an excellent opportunity to acquire an outstanding Missouri Fox Trotter at a great value. 

Sierra Farm is located in beautiful Central Kentucky and has valued Fox Trotter customers and friends throughout the United States.  We specialize in two things - producing exceptional all-around horses and excellent client service. 

Producing exceptional all-around horses begins before birth at Sierra Farm where only the finest horses with proven bloodlines are bred to ensure superior stock and foals with the natural gait, disposition and athletic conformation to do the job.  They are handled daily from birth - developing a trust in people that is a solid foundation for everything that follows.  We have an excellent health maintenance program, with vaccinations, worming and proper nutrition at the advise of our equine veterinarian.  We spend a lot of time with each horse, and will not begin riding until at least age 3 to help ensure lifelong soundness and fitness for any discipline.  All riding horses are trail ridden, with many miles in difficult terrain and exposure to varying trail locations, conditions and obstacles.

Excellent client service begins with getting to know you and determining exactly what type of horse will be right for you.  We may have a horse that would be suitable or not - we find that our finished horses usually sell very quickly.  If we do not have an appropriate horse for you, we will tell you so.  We pride ourselves on complete client satisfaction and back it up by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee option with every finished riding horse we sell.  We offer comprehensive service that is designed to meet your needs - including detailed videos of a prospective "match," distance riding instruction specific to that horse (including detailed video), transportation arrangements, thorough vet checks, and reproductive services that may be required.

Sierra Farm is nestled in the beautiful "knobs" of South Central Kentucky.  The steep, hilly terrain here is ideal for trail training our Missouri Fox Trotters.  They are ridden out on our farm, as well as many state and national parks.

Sierra Farm
Liberty, Kentucky
Sierra Farm - Richard and Katherine Harrell - Liberty, Kentucky