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Learn to Fly!

Interested in learning to fly airplanes or gliders? The following two articles contain information to get you started.

Learn to Fly (14 Kbytes)

Learn to Soar (18 Kbytes)

Instrument Flying

Are you considering an instrument rating? Here's the info you need to get started.

The Instrument Rating (24 Kbytes)

Flying, the Day After

Everyone knows what happened on September 11, 2001. In the wake of the attacks all US civil aircraft were grounded except for some emergency and humanitarian flights. On September 12, I was tasked as a Civil Air Patrol pilot to transport several boxes of human blood from the San Francisco Bay area to Portland, Oregon. Many people have asked me how it was to fly that day. Here's a writeup of that mission.

Flying, the Day After

Rules of Thumb for Mountain Flying

In 1998 the Civil Air Patrol commisioned a team to develop a new training course for mountain search flying. I was part of the "Mountain Fury Process Action Team" that developed the course. One of my contributions was a short (two-page) list of rules of thumb for mountain flying. This list includes both well known and new original information on mountain flying techniques and calculations for estimating performance of light single engine (non-turbocharged) aircraft at typical mountain flight altitudes. One of my safety presentations explains the use of and principles behind this list. Many people have requested copies of this list. It is presented here for their perusal.

WARNING! Use this info at your own risk! Mountain Flying is not for beginners! Get some training before you venture into high terrain on your own!

Rules of Thumb for Mountain Flying (6 Kbytes)

Mountain Wave for Air Traffic Contollers

Several recent incidents have demonstrated that many Air Traffic Control Specialists don't know very much about mountain wave, nor about how it presents a hazard to light airplanes. A common feature of many wave accidents is the issuance of ineffective or harmful instructions from ATC. This article provides information on mountain wave taylored for ATC specialists so that they may be better able to provide assistance to aircraft in distress and help avert unncessary accidents.

Mountain Wave for the ATC Specialist (26 Kbytes)

Mountain Wave for Pilots

Mountain Wave is an atmospheric phenomenon which can present an extreme hazard to the operation of aircraft. Light aircraft are particularly susceptible. This article examines the problem and shows how glider "speed-to-fly" theory can be applied to airplane operation to increase efficiency and safety of flight.

Mountain Wave and Speed-to-Fly for Light Airplanes (13 Kbytes)

Safety Presentations

Do you need a speaker on aviaton for your pilot or civic group? Feel free to contact me for information, or click below for a list of my presentations on aviation safety.

Aviation Safety Presentations

Wave Flying Fun!

Have you ever imagined what's it's like to fly a glider to 30,000 plus feet of altitude in mountain wave conditions? Here's a tounge-in-cheek look at the "joys" of the experience!

Enjoy Wave Flying Anywhere!

A Glider "Landout" Story

Is glider flying fun? You bet it is! And so is landing in a field in the middle of nowhere. Well, maybe not. Here's a little poem that tells the tale of one such experience.

The Joy of Soaring?

Useful Links

Here's a list of web pages which I find so useful that I want to be able to access them wherever I am. You can use them too!

Steve's List of Useful Links

About Steve

Steve Philipson is a pilot who wears many hats. He's a veteran of some 24 years and 6,000 hours of flying experience who holds commercial and Gold Seal instructor certificates for airplane single and multi-engine land, instrument airplane, and glider. He's been a SAR (search and rescue) pilot and safety officer with the Civil Air Patrol for 18 years. Steve's also an independent aviation researcher and author with published work on flying airplanes in mountain wave conditions and mountain search flying. In addition, he's an FAA designated Aviation Safety Counselor who regularly delivers presentations on aviation safety.

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