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Thank you for visiting the WWW site maintained for public benefit by the Law Offices of Philip E. Weiss, located on Shelter Island (San Diego, California).  Having investigated countless  WWW sources, we  have (modestly) concluded this is "the Resource for Maritime Law."  We maintain this site primarily for the benefit of those who wish to conduct internet research of maritime and other legal issues.  As Philip E. Weiss is an Adjunct Professor of Admiralty Law (Thomas Jefferson School of Law) and practices largely in the maritime law arena, this site predictably focuses on maritime (a.k.a. "admiralty") matters.  However, we are confident the inclusive links provided will also prove enormously useful to everyone engaging in internet legal research, irrespective of the topic.  Please note that nothing contained in this site is intended to constitute as legal advice -- this site does not offer legal advice, and no warranties are made as to the accuracy of the content herein or any site referenced herein. 

With that in mind, we invite you in, to look around our site, where we trust you will find many effective resources for legal research (for both federal and state law matters), but particularly if the research involves maritime law issues, including:  maritime liens, vessel arrests, maritime contracts, the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, Jones Act claims, maintenance and cure, unseaworthiness, "offshore" vessel sales, salvage, towage, Longshore and Harbor Worker Compensation Act claims, collisions, allusions, seaman wage claims, Shipowner Limitation of Liability Act, water pollution, Coast Guard regulations, wake damage, negligent surveying, admiralty jurisdiction, and many other admiralty law matters. 

In this WWW site we offer an abundant number of "first rate" links to sites we believe can be highly effective in conducting on-line WWW legal research.  We have scoured the "net" for the best possible sites.  You will find sites are broken down by general type of links.  For example, sites likely to be particularly useful in conducting research involving federal law are grouped together, sites concentrating on state law are likewise grouped together, sites especially useful in conducting general research are found together, and various miscellaneous links share a location.  We hope and trust our site will provide useful guidance. 

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Firm Profile

The principal, Philip E. Weiss, practices  chiefly in the maritime law arena.   In 10 years of practice he has handled hundreds of admiralty cases, including claims involving:  non-payment to marinas, boatyards, and other providers of maritime "necessaries" (including many vessel arrest cases); cargo damage; breaches of various maritime contracts; marine insurance; water pollution; oil spills; salvage; seaman wage/benefit claims; "offshore" vessel sales, and many other marine-related controversies. 

Mr. Weiss was graduated with honors by San Francisco State University (Political Science/Philosophy) and later by the University of San Francisco School of Law, where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the University of San Francisco School of Law Maritime Law Journal.  He has practiced with small firms (8-10 lawyers) and large ones (350+ lawyers) alike, and currently enjoys maintaining his own active practice, located on Shelter Island (San Diego, California).

Mr. Weiss is and always has been in good standing with the California State Bar, and he is licensed to practice law before all federal and state courts located in the State of California.

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2390 Shelter Island Drive, Suite 217, San Diego, California 92106
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