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GEESE - Trio of Shetlands from Holderread Waterfowl Farm. Gander Hatched 4/26/2010, both females hatched 2007.

It breaks my heart to have to part with my two girls, but my tiny pasture is fast disappearing in this early summer heat that just won't stop - and no rain and I can't keep all the geese I currently have in the long run anyway.  My husband prefers another breed we also got this year and so we are going to concentrate on them.  I did, atleast, get a nice Shetland gander to keep for my oldest/dearest backyard goose (she will finally have a year-round friend!!!) who adopted and raised these two girls and played a big part in making them so friendly.  They have always been adorable and come over to great me every time they see me in their yard. I never have to bribe them with treats, they just come to talk. And when they were raising babies, they were wonderful. When on the nest waiting for the mailman to bring their new babies, they occassionally hissed at me, but never attacked. I did get nipped once while reaching under their tummy to steal eggs, but I certainly deserved that! They were excellent mothers and while they are now 3 years old, they should have plenty of fertile years still ahead, especially since their new mate is so young.

Shetlands are small & sweet - mature to about 10 lbs. Ganders are nearly pure white with blue eyes - both of these females have blue eyes, although the one with the gray neck has a darker shade of blue. If you are not familiar with Shetland Geese, they are autosexing at any age by their coloring. (Shetlands are not the only auto-sexing breed. Their coloring is also compatible with Pilgrims.) Shetlands make excellent parents - these two females have adopted and raised both a batch of Ancona ducklings in 2008 and a batch of American goslings in 2009. This gander is unrelated as far as I know. As adults, the females are white with a gray saddle back and more or less gray on their head and neck. The Ganders are nearly pure white with blue eyes. (This gander has some gray feathers on his back under his wings.)  They weigh only about 10 lbs, so are quite small as geese go. These three were adopted and raised by a very friendly goose and so are becoming quite tame - the two females have been eating treats from my hand since 2007. But the gander is still a bit shy, but gaining confidence daily. They are crazy about tomatoes and bread, so taming them further should not be a problem once they settle in to their new home if you work with them quietly and slowly at all times as I have. The females are carrying rather different pattern genetics as recommended by Holderreads to keep good genetic diversity in your breeding stock.

I grew them out as slowly as possible so as not to rush their development. I wanted to be sure they had plenty of time to mature for optimum long term health and productivity. They were started on Purina Duck Starter #8855 and then have been eating Purina Duck Grower#8858. I am currently switching them over to a mix of a couple of the Purina Game Bird feeds for better nutrition in the hot weather when they are eating very little. And, having been raised by a goose, they spent all daylight hours growing up outside and very active from day one.

The gander has not been exposed to ducks other than to see them through a common fence. He is a bold little guy around other birds. The two females have, in their years here, been both afraid (terrified, actually) of some ducks, friendly to others and outright mean to one.  So, if you have other birds, I can make NO guarantee how they will get along and you must be prepared to protect whoever turns out to be the less aggressive. (I house ducks and geese separately at night for everyone's safety even when I know they get along well out in the yard.) Pond not necessary - Kiddie pool OK. $140 for both of them - CASH ONLY - includes a small amount of Purina feed.

Kiddie pool OK - pond not necessary. $140 CASH ONLY includes a small amount of feed. Gordonsville VA.

Birds are shown by timely appointment only.

All sales are first come - first served,

CASH and CARRY ONLY. No shipping available.

No holds longer than agreed upon appointment day/time

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Please read the following important information before scrolling down for pictures:

I am NOT able to take returns. ALL SALES FINAL.

So, before buying, you must consider the needs of geese as well as the compatibility of geese with your family, neighbors and existing pets. And be sure your zoning and/or home owner's association rules allow you to keep geese. Geese can honk quite loudly at times, especially when they are first let out in the yard in the morning. They run and flap and honk for joy! And if you speak to them just right, they will honk back.

If you don't already own a copy, you should buy The Book of Geese. It's written by none other than Dave Holderread and can be purchased directly from Holderreads if you can't find it locally. It is, by far, the best book I've found for goose care, feeding and breeding. Any geese you ever own will benefit from your having read it!

Geese are quite easy to care for and keep healthy. They need security from predators at all times as they have no effective defenses of their own - domestic geese cannot even fly away to safety. Predators may include not only raccoons, foxes, weasels, bears, coyotes, and hawks but also your dog or cat, and your neighbors' dogs and cats. For swimming, a couple of geese would only need a kiddie pool to have enough to swim in and keep their feathers clean - a pond is NOT necessary. They need water deep enough to rinse their entire head to keep their eyes and nostrils clear (I use 2 gallon waterbuckets). In addition, they need room to forage and exercise. They need plenty of well maintained grassy areas for good grazing and plenty of room to run and flap like fools! And fresh balanced duck feed that is mold and bug free and is protected from the elements. Access to shade is a must year-round. And they need a dry place to sleep at night that is predator proof and protected from wind, but not too air-tight.

If you are not atleast 18 years old, please have the responsible adult in your life read this entire ad first and then have them call me. These birds are located in central Virginia.  I do NOT ship any birds - you must drive to pick them up.  Please leave a message if you get my machine. I am usually outside and while I can hear the phone, I never manage to get inside to catch it before the machine. But I can usually get back to you in just a few minutes if you leave a message.






Shetland females with their adopted brood of Ancona ducklings in 2008

Shetland females with their brood of adopted American goslings in 2009

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