Shetland Geese

For the health of your birds and any you may contact - please visit this site!

Click on the above graphic for important tips about preventing the spread of disease among backyard birds.  This site explains perfectly the reasons why I won't let visitors past a certain point on my property - the very lives of my birds may depend on it!

George - a gander - at 14 weeks olds (with female trout colored runner in background)

This website is for the various batches of  Shetland Geese that I have had. (2005 with a huge group of runner ducks, 2006 by themselves, 2007 adopted and raised by my oldest/dearest backyard goose and 2010 adopted and raised by my oldest/dearest backyard goose.)  My geese were all purchased as breeder quality day-olds from Holderreads Waterfowl Farm and Preservation Center.   Their tiny size and easy sexing were the two main reasons that I chose the breed.  Additionally, the Holderreads catalog described them as friendly.  So far, all of mine have been absolutely adorable.  I have spent as much time with them as possible so that I will be as much a member of their flock as is humanly possible.  I'm hoping this will help keep them as friendly as possible when breeding season arrives.   The few that I kept into adulthood have proved to be very nice during breeding season, especially the two girls from 2007.  They are currently a critically rare breed.  That is another reason for this site.  I hope to introduce others to these tiny geese and in some way help to bring them back from the brink of extinction.  So please check back from time to time and see what I've learned or just what pictures I've gotten since your last visit.  Building a website takes a lot of time, so please be patient. 
I hope this site is useful as a way to see Shetland geese up close and in real life.  Anything I can think of that may be of help to someone else will be included as it comes up.  But I have no plans to include information or advice on health or care other than to tell what I have experienced.  There are many good books that thoroughly cover raising geese - Dave Holderread's The Book of Geese is a good example.  I only have a handful of personal experience and so do not feel I am qualified to give out advice. 

George, a male Shetland goose, and his tall buddy Patrick, a runner duck drake.

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