Shepaug Dam Bald Eagles
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Observations 2017-18 Season
The following are bald eagle observations supplied by our volunteers. 
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Sunday, January 14th, by L. Walker
Thanks to Christine's Critters and all her birds for two amazing shows today. Along with the birds Christine brought we had our high count of the season - 8 Adults and 5 Immatures. A very active day of soaring and fishing.

Saturday, January 13th, by L. Walker
Today was the MId-Winter Eagle count. I arrived at 7am with Ann and Chris. The weather corporated with no fog and just a few showers. We ended up with a count of 3 adults and 4 immatures. They were very active, flying, fishing and interacting with each other. Look closely just above the wire is an adult. Hope tomorrow will be just as active.

Wednesday, January 10th, by L. Walker
Quiet day sunny day yesterday at the dam. We did see 3 adults and 1 immature. One of the adult flew right by the building and our volunteer Rich took a great photo.

Sunday, January 7th, by L. Walker
Great sunny day at the dam with temp about 0 but no wind! Our count for the day was 2 adults and 3 immatures. For most of the day we had an adult perched in the sun and in a good viewing spot. The other eagles flew in and out and perched for short periods of time. We were also visited by a merlin, great-blue herons, snow geese on the river and a coyote. Felt good to get some fresh air!

Wednesday, January 3rd, by T. Weaver
Today was a slow day at the dam - both in number of eagle and number of visitors. We had two adults most of the day. However, one was in the white pine and the other about 1/4 mile downriver from there. We did have a brief visit from one immature that then went to sit in a tree over the lake. We had a harrier that hunted the fields around the building for some time. Also seen were a couple ring-necked ducks and some black ducks.

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Sunday, Dec. 31st, by T. Weaver
Today was a little slower than yesterday. Other than the immature we saw on the ice driving in at 8:15, we saw no eagles until 10:30. Many of our visitors saw nothing except common mergansers, a few hooded mergansers, black ducks, ring-necked ducks and geese in the opening in the ice between the dam and the island. Then we had 5 eagles show up within 15 minutes - 3 adults and two immatures. Two of the adults stayed until just before closing. And it was COLD!!!!

Saturday, Dec. 30th, by T. Weaver
We had a good eagle day today - at least 8 eagles, four adults, four immatures. Possibly a couple more. As we left there were scores of Canada geese with their backs all covered with snow. They looked odd. We also had lots of common mergs by the dam and four ring-necked ducks and a wood duck in the cove. There were two snow geese mixed in with the Canadas.

Wednesday, Dec. 27th, by L. Walker
Thanks to Christine's Critters Inc. for a great show today. Along with the birds they brought we did have 3 adults and 4 immatures visit us as well.

Wednesday, Dec. 20th, by L. Walker
Enjoyed a quiet day at the Shepaug Eagle View today. We counted 2 imatures and one was perched for awhile. We also were visited by a great blue heron and bluebirds. Always something to see.

Sunday, December 17th, by L. Walker
Sunday December 17th seemed a bit colder than Saturday but we did have the same count as Saturday 1 Adult and 2 immatures. At the end of the day one of the immatures was stealing fish from the mergansers. Amazing how nature always surprises us with it's adaptability. Great opening weekend.

Shepaug Dam, Southbury, Connecticut, USA