Shepaug Dam Bald Eagles
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Observations 2016-17 Season
The following are bald eagle observations supplied by our volunteers. 
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Wednesday, March 8th, by L. Walker
Our last Wednesday of the season! Started out a bit chilly and 2 Adults perched out front. Slowly got warmer and in came about 5 Immature, but they did not stay long. We had birds flying or perched all morning. Our Count for the day 3 Adults, 5 Immatures.

Sunday, March 5th, by L. Walker
Sunday turned out to be just as busy but not as many eagles. We had 5 immatures, 1 adult. Other birds we saw were 2 Peregrines, 2 Ravens, red- shoulder hawks, and red-tail hawks. Three more days open, Wednesday 8th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th.

Saturday, March 4th, by L. Walker
Saturday was a great Eagle viewing day! We had 11 eagles and they were very active, fishing, soaring and interacting with each other. Looking forward to what today brings.

Saturday, February 26th, by L. Walker
Weekend Update: Saturday was an active busy day for both eagles and visitors. We had 7 eagles in total. Most spent the morning perching and fishing on the lake. We also had a Great Blue Heron fly over and a Red-Shoulder Hawk. Everyone enjoyed the warm weather.

Sunday: A much colder day and a lot more wind, which meant most of the eagle were soaring. We did count 9 eagles and got some great action viewing. A pair of immatures locked talons and starting dropping down in a spiral spin breaking free just before possible splashing down.

Wednesday, February 22nd, by L. Walker
Wednesday Update: The weather was overcast, wind clam and the Dam generating. A morning filled with activity. We had 2 Adults and 2 Immatures. The immatures kept us busy as they moved from perch to perch. All 100 visitors got to see an eagle. A great morning for all.

Sunday, February 19th, by L. Walker
Weekend Update: Both days were sunny and warm, Saturday was a bit breezy and Sunday was calmer. Saturday we had 5 eagles and on Sunday we had a low count of the season with only 2 immatures. However we had a record number of visitors this weekend and they all enjoyed watching CT Audubon and Horizon Wings present their Bird of Prey shows.

Wednesday, February 15th, by L. Walker
Morning started out very foggy, however when it cleared there were two adults in view. We also had a sharp-shinned hawk perched and in our scopes for a long time. There were about 30 ring neck ducks and about 300 merganser. The count for the day is 2 adults and 2 immature. Only 4 more weekends! CT Audubon will be onsite Saturday and Horizon Wings will be onsite Sunday.

Saturday, February 11th, by L. Walker
Amazing Saturday with many bird sighting besides Eagles. Although Eagles are the main attraction we do get to see many other species. Today we saw a Peregrine Falcon sitting on one of the towers. A second Peregrine sighting this season and we do not think it is the same Peregrine we saw a few weeks ago. A Rusty Blackbird, hope to post some pictures soon. A Northern Harrier and yes Bald Eagles. Our Count is 4 adults and 2 immatures.

Wednesday, February 1st, by L. Walker
Wednesday Update: When we arrived we had a number of eagles perched out in front, the dam was generating and it was the start of another promising day at Shepaug. One by one the eagles left their perches and then we spotted a bird sitting on the transformer tower and sure enough it was a Peregrine Falcon. It was 2014 since the last time we spotted a Peregrine at the dam. He/She showed off it's flying and diving talents and then went up river. Hope it comes back for the weekend. Late morning we had a number of eagles fly over which is always exciting to watch. Our count is 7 Immatures and 2 Adults for today.

Sunday, January 29th, by L. Walker
Sunday Update: Although there were times today that there were no eagles in sight we did not have to wait long to see one fly back in view. I believe all visitors saw an eagle today. Our count for day was 5 Immatures 2 Adults.

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Saturday, January 28th, by L. Walker
Saturday Update: An unexpected windy and chilly day brought a fun day watching many eagles soaring over the observation area. Our count for the day was 4 adults and 5 Immature, not our highest count but nevertheless a exciting day of viewing.

Wednesday, January 25th, by L. Walker
Wednesday update: we had our highest adult count so far with 5 and 6 immature. They kept us busy all morning as there moved around. At 1pm there were still a number of eagles perched, we did not want to leave. Looking forward to Saturday.

Sunday, January 22nd, by L. Walker
Saturday: Foggy day but that did not stop the eagles from feeding and although it was hard to see we did have 8 eagles. 5 immature and 3 adults.
Sunday: Very similar to Saturday, not as foggy. Early morning activity then it turned quiet. We saw 3 immatures and 3 adults.

Wednesday, January 18th, by L. Walker
A quiet morning at the Dam - it was grey and misting. We had two adults perched when we arrived and they shortly left upriver, then 1 immature arrived and checked out the scene and left upriver. The spotlight went to the Great-Blue Heron that stopped by and perched above the dam. Looks like a nice weekend for eagle watching coming up!

Sunday, January 15th, by L. Walker
Weekend Update: Saturday was a busy day with 9 eagles, Northern Harrier, CT Audubon onsite with an Owl and Kestrel. The eagles were visible for most of the morning. And then there was Sunday... A very quiet day. Although we counted 5 eagles there were flying high. Just as we were closing up an Adult and immature flew in and perched so we can get a scope focused on them for the few remaining visitors. We were lucky to have Horizon Wings onsite with a Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle.

Sunday, January 1st, by L. Walker
Happy New Year Everyone! We are closed today and will be open again on Wednesday. Our last day of 2016 went very well. This season is starting with lots of activity. We had 13 eagles yesterday. At one point there were 7 all in one tree. Ct Audubon was also on site with two of their birds for a close up look at a barn owl and kestrel.

Wednesday, December 28th, by L. Walker
Although it was colder and cloudier then expected we had 145 visitors! I believe they all saw an eagle. We only had a short widow of time that we had no eagles in view. Morning started with lots of activity with a number of eagles flying and fishing. By mid morning things quieted down and then picked up again just before we closed. Count for today is 3 adults 5 immatures. We will be open on Saturday 12/31 and closed on Sunday 1/1.

Wednesday, December 21st, by B. Bennett
A fantastic day today at Shepaug Dam Bald Eagles viewing site. We've opened early this year and the Bald Eagles are already cooperating. We had 4 adults and 2 juveniles in view today with the 2 juveniles putting on a bit of an aerial performance. Horizon Wings Raptor Rehabilitation and Education visited today with Atka and we were treated to Skywalker's debut at #Shepaug with MaryBeth Kaeser !! Make a reservation and come visit with us

Sunday, December 18th, by L. Walker
Well an interesting opening weekend. Started with snow and frigid temperatures and ending with fog and rain and close to 60 degrees. We closed on Saturday but open on Sunday. However we did see two adult eagles today. The season is officially open! Thanks to all who joined us today.

Shepaug Dam, Southbury, Connecticut, USA