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Asteroid Light Curves
Asteroid Light Curves
Variable Stars

Lightcurves completed exclusively by SOS have been reported to the Lightcurve database at Brian Warner's CALL website and/or published in the Minor Planet Bulletin.  Lightcurves measured in collaboration with the Photometric Survey For Asynchronous Binary Asteroids show only the SOS contribution to the data set. Objects listed here but without a link are currently under study or have been submitted for publication.

1142 Aetolia
1521 Seinajoki
1643 Brown
1830 Pogson
1996 Adams
2261 Keeler
2715 Mieliki
4223 Shikoku
5325 Silver
6425 1994 WZ3
14790 Beletskij
15700 1987 QD

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