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5331 Erimomisaki
Asteroid Light Curves
Variable Stars

Twenty-four hour period, a challenge to solve!


12/05,12/16,12/19 Caleb Boe and Russ Durkee ,11/30,12/5,12/6 Silvano Casulli, 1/5 Dr. Fiona Vincent, 1/9 David Higgins,

Boe, Durkee data taken using the Tzec Maun Observatory.

Special thanks to the Tzec Maun Foundation and its founder,
Michael K. Wilson, for providing free access to telescopes for
students and researchers.

The Lightcurve of Asteroid 5331 Erimomisaki
Caleb, Boe; Durkee, Russell I.; Casulli, Silvano; Vincent, Fiona; Higgins, David. The Minor Planet Bulletin (ISSN 1052-8091). Bulletin of the Minor Planets Section of the Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers, Vol. 35, No. 4, p. 143 (2008)

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