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HerStory -- United States
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  All States

American People by State provided by Wikipedea, offers an extensive list of people of note and links to biographical and other information about them. It is organized by states, cities, occupations, and other useful categories.

American Women's History: A Research Guide    provides a State Index to Research Sources. Data provided includes access to biographical information, bibliographies, key sites, journal indexes, and other resources to learn more about the people and events for each of the U.S. states.

NetStates provides a list of names of people from the US. To learn more details about the women (and men) listed, it would be necessary to do further research. Nonetheless, it is a starting point. provides "Famous People" for each of the states in the US. offers a list of Famous People for each of the states in the US.

Individual States

Alabama Women's Hall of Fame  Since 1970, the Hall of Fame has provided readers with biographies, portraits, photographs, letters, and bronze plaque images of women who have herstorically contributed to our lives. Individuals presented include Helen Adams Keller, Julia Strudwick Tuwiler, Amelia Gayle Gorgas, Tallulah Bankhead, Mildred Westervelt Warner, and many others from the state of Alabama.

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Women in Alaska's History focuses on some of the most significant accomplishments made by women from 1700 to present.

Women in Alaska  provides biographical information about women from Alaska and about the documents the University of Alaska has available about these inhabitants.

Prominent Women in Arizona briefly profiles nine women who were from Arizona.

Biographies of the Fabulous Women of Arkansas provides very brief paragraphs about an extensive list of women from Arkansas.

Confederate Women of Arkansas, 1861-1865 focuses on the women who were a part of Arkansas's Confederate history.

Encyclopedia of Arkansas History and Culture features biographies about women and men of importance and significant events relating to Arkansas.
Searchable by race & ethnicity, gender, alphabetically, and time period.

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Museum of the City of San Francisco: offers biographies about women and men who played a role in this California city's heritage.

Colorado's Women Hall of Fame profiles a list of women from Colorado and describes their contributions.


Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame includes almost 60 profiles of women who've contributed to Connecticut and to the world.

Historical Society of Deleware provides 12 brief biographies about some of Delaware's suffragists/anti-suffragists.

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Florida Heritage Themes: Women provides links to information about women  pioneers in the state, feminist activism, biographical information on important Florida women, and images of women in Florida history.

Augusta Library - Special Collections, Early Pioneer Biographies are transcripts from John Henry Hauberg (1869 - 1955), a local historian and photographer's interviews of local and early history in Georgia.

Georgia's Women of Achievement  lists more than 50 short biographical discriptions of women contributing to Georgia's endeavors.

Notable People of Hawaii  short paragraphs about 5 Hawaiians is provided by students in Hawaii.

Hawaii Joint Police Association: 3rd Annual Salute to Women In Security and Law Enforcement - July 6th, 2001 briefly describes women who've made a legal difference in Hawaii.

Idaho Public Television's Portrait of twelve people of noteriaty from the Idaho area.


Early Illinois Women organizes biographical information by categories: early pioneers, public life, religion, education, work, medicine, arts & entertainment, and war. Also includes a separate section about Illinois' First Ladies.
Illinois' First Ladies includes photos and biographical details about the women who were part of the government as First Ladies.              


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Collections in the Iowa Women's Archives currently holds over 900 collections of Iowa women and their organizations. Among the primary source materials that make up the collections are the letters, diaries, account books, oral histories, scrapbooks, and photographs of individuals and family members. These historical records reflect the social, political and cultural ideas of their times and provide a rich resource for the study and interpretation of history. Searchable alphabetically, topical, and by subject.

Iowa Women Artists provides information about 70 women, including short biographical information, artist statement, artist's work, and interview clips. Organized alphabetically, medium, and location. "The Iowa Women Artists Oral History Project records and preserves the voices of women visual artists in Iowa reflecting on their lives and their artwork."


Notable Kansas Women
includes brief paragraphs about 17 women of reknown from Kansas.

Kentucky Authors is a site is devoted to the study of both native Kentucky (women & men) writers and those who have chosen Kentucky as their home. It is a collaborative effort maintained by the English Department  at Eastern Kentucky University.        

 Women in Kentucky provides brief and longer profile information about women of significance from Kentucky. Searchable by subject categories. Timelines and regional searches are also offered.

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Louisiana Leaders: Notable Women in History Exhibit  profiles 20 women who've been an important part of this state's heritage.

Maine Writers Index the reader can select from a list of over 300 women and men authors of note in Maine.

Maryland Women's Hall of Fame since 1985, Maryland Women's Hall of Fame has honored Maryland "women who have made unique and lasting contributions to the economic, political, cultural, and social life of the state and to provide visible models of achievement for tomorrow's female leaders."

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Walking Tour in the heart of Boston: Fore Mothers contributions to the beginnings of Boston and about their lives is briefly described at this site.

Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame: Provides an extensive list of short biographies about women who are of
importance to Michigan’s past and present.

Minnesota Author Biographies Project Thirty-six authors are profiled, including a list of their work and sources for additional information about these literary women and men.

Minnesota Authors and Illustrators: As part of Metronet, this site is primarily a publicity site, but also provides brief biographical information about women and men who also present programs for libraries, schools, and community agencies.


Mississippi Writers provides a comprehensive list of Mississippi women and men writers who were born or lived in the state of  Mississippi. Entrees include biographical, publications, bibliography, and internet links for each writer posted.

Mississippi Writer & Musicians offers biographies about women and men who are/were writers, musicians, artists, and actors who were born or lived in the state of  Mississippi.

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Women in Health Sciences, affiliated with Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri. These Missouri biographies are available through various search options, including alphabetically.



Some Famous Montanans provides a list, names only, by catagory of people from this state. The categories include Arts/Acting/Music/Media/Politicians /  Sports / Literature / Miscellaneous. This is a starting point, but for biographical information,the user will need to use a other biographical resources, i.e WBS, General.

Famous Nebraska Authors lists six writers who have contributed to Nebraska's literary legacy. Authors profiled are  Bess Streeter Aldrich, Willa Cather, Loren Eiseley, Wright Morris, John Neihardt, and Mari Sandoz.

Famous People from Nebraska list biographies of several men and a few women of note from Nebraska. Also provides a more extensive list of Nebraskans.


Nevada Women's History Project : is an on-going project that provides biographies, photos, and information about women of relevance to Nevada.

New Hampshire
Famous People in New Hampshire History is a part of the Link Free or Die (sm)  network. It "is a teaching guide designed to identify 100 famous NH people and to tell their stories from online sources."

Famous New Hampshirites is only a list of well-known residents; however it is a starting point for further research using major biographical indexes, see Women's Biography Sites, General.

New Hampshire Authors is an A-Z list of writers of significance to New Hampshire. Although birth and death dates, town of residence and authors' subject are provided, additional details about the authors is sometimes also available by using the drop down alphabetical list offered.

New Hampshire's Women Legislators uses a paragraph format to profile the many women who've were ewere elected to the NH legislature. An A-Z index is also included (at the ended) listing a " total of 310 women have served in the 50-year period from 1921 to 1969, inclusive. And 15 new women are serving first terms in the 1971 session, which marks the Golden Anniversary, since women first were allowed to be elected to the Legislature, by federal ratification of such suffrage in 1920."

Sea Coast New Hampshire Women's List: provides links to profiles about women and their important contributions.

New Jersey

New Jersey women's history reflects the women's lives through diverse time periods and from different economic, religious, ethnic, and racial backgrounds. Presented chronolgically and linked to more details about some of the women of significance to New Jersey's past and present.         



New Mexico
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New York

New York State Writer's Institute provides a list of several women and men and their literary works.

New York Women Composers provides a list of dozens of women actively composing and performing music.

Uncrowned Queens: Biographies: African American Women Community Builders of Western New York provides brief biographies, lists of honors, associations, and accomplishments.

Women in New York "Each [CUNY, 1998] student  has taken individual responsibility for researching and writing about a woman whose life illustrates the struggles over women's roles in which women participated from 1890 to 1940."  

North Carolina

North Carolina Awards honors notable North Carolinians since 1964. The list of more than 200 notable men and women whoare recognized for their contributions to the community and beyond. 

North Dakota

Ohio History Central: People provides biographical information about the women and men of Ohio and their contributions

Ohio Women's Hall of Fame allows several options to search to learn about the many women of notoriety for the state of Ohio. Categories include alphabetically by last name, year of induction, keyword, county and field of achievement.

Women in History: Ohio Bicentennial Figures profiles almost 30 women who have made notable contributions including writers, suffragist, First Lady, artists, and entrepreneurs.

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Home Women's Biography Sites
Oklahoma Authors, Journals, etc. on the Web links to information about authors and their " fan pages, profiles, finding aids, and author-maintained websites."

Oklahoma Women's Hall of Fame lists its inducties and identifies past winners since 1982. This is a useful starting site, but the reader will need to do additional research.

Oklahoma Women's Network offers links to biographical information about Oklahoma's early pioneers, contemporary leaders, and links to notable women.

OSU Library Women's Archives provides biographical and other information about 3 women  and WAVES of importance to Oklahoma. 

Oregon Biographies Index  provides primarily men, but some women, who are of importance to Oregon's history.

Oregon Pioneer Biographies is a list biographies of early Oregon pioneers. Their stories as early settlers of the Oregon Territory, including early Donation Land Claim holders.

Pennsylvania Hall of Fame: Biographies women and men from the fields of business, science/invention, politics, exploration, arts, entertainment, and sports are profiled.

Women at Penn: Biographies provides brief descriptions of women who were pioneers for the University of Pennsylvania.

Rhode Island
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South Carolina
South Carolina – Notable African-Americans provides a lengthly list of women and men of importance from the South Carolina region.


South Dakota
South Dakota State Historical Society, Museum Observation gallery includes sixteen profiles of prominent early South Dakotans.


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Famous Texans created by Pershing Middle School students, provides short biographies of women and men who are of significance to Texas.

Great Texas Women "brings together a wealth of web resources including biographies, quotes, articles, personal accounts and other information about Texas women. The listing features links to many web resources about these influential women."

Notable Texans before 1900 profiles women and men of Texas, who have made contributions during their lives.

Texas Women and other Manuscript Collections: for some of the women listed, brief information is presented about her and describes her archival collection. 

Famous People of Utah provides an extensive list of Utahns and people of importance to Utah and provides biographical information about them.

Vermont Biographies Project has over 1,400 biographies about women and men from Vermont. Searchable by county and alphabetically. 

Vermont People  profiles women and men native or closely aligned with  Vermont 

Norfolk Women's History links to 8 interviews that include a brief biographical sketch of the woman involved with religion, medicine, education, and the Girl Scout Movement in Norfolk, Virginia. Based on Old Dominion University History course taught by Dr. Dorothy Johnson in the Fall of 1982. 

Washington provides links to women and men who've been noteworthy contributors to Washington's history. It is an On-line Encyclopedia of Washington State History with a searchable database of  people and events.


West Virginia
Biographies of West Virginia Women briefly profiles seven women of importance to West Virginia and the United States.

Profile of Political Activists: Women of the West Virginia Woman Suffrage Movement is in a narrative format, but is a useful starting point to learn about some of the women in the 19th and 20th century politics of West Virginia .

Sketches of Wisconsin Pioneer Women - Biographies   More than 20 women,  with New York Origins, who contributed to Wisconsin during their lifetimes. The selected biographies from the book by author Florence Chambers Dexheimer.

WYOMING: Like No Place on Earth: "Venture into our site and see for yourself the diversity of themes and the lifestyles of our Wyoming writers" (students of Nathel Coca and Judy Iliff teach at Campbell County High School in Gillette, Wyoming). This site provides  interesting and intriguing accounts of women and men of importance to Wyoming.

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