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African American Heroes of the Era     http://www.worldbook.com/fun/aajourny/html/bh119.html HerStory
African American Heroes of the Era, 1865-1945, includes biographies about women and men who made a difference. (Presented by World Book.)

20 Modern-Day Pioneers     http://www.sunherald.com/whmod/whmod.htm     General
20 Modern-Day Pioneers biographies are listed as part of the Sun Herald's Women in History month in 5 categories (arts & media, space & science, business & labor, sports, military & politics).

100 Celebrated Chinese Women    http://www.span.com.au/100women/index.html International
100 Celebrated Chinese Women: The characters portrayed in this site include both real and fictional women in Lu Yanguang's book 100 Celebrated Chinese Women. who broke free from social restrictions include scholars, great warriors, well-known revolutionaries, teachers, poets, and politicians. Cai Zhuozhi's commentary and translation offers a glimpse into the relevance of these women to their own and future generations.

Archived Profiles and Forums     http://www.ams.org/careers/archived.html Science, Math, & Technology, Mathamatics
Archived Profiles and Forums: Brief profiles of women and men with math related careers.

Astrophile.com     http://www.astrophile.com/    Arts & Entertainment

Athletic Profiles, Australian Track & Field     http://homepages.infoseek.com/~oztrack/profiles.html Sports, Track & Field

Australian Athletes     http://www.ausport.gov.au/promenu.html     Sports, General

Bella Online, Women Athletes    http://www.bellaonline.com/sports/women_athletes/ Sports

Biographies    http://www.hall.public.lib.ga.us/Ref/biographies.htm   General
Biographies provides links to biographies about women and men in a multitude fields ranging from artists, scientist, to sports. http://www.hall.public.lib.ga.us/Ref/biographies.htm

Biographies (Washington State University)     http://www.sci.wsu.edu/wimse/resource/bio.html Science, Math, & Technology
Biographies lists 13 women scientists and provides links to other biography collection sites, hosted by Washington State University.

Biography Collections     http://members.home.net/klanxner/lives/Collect_spec.html#women General

Biography.com        http://www.biography.com/        General
Biography.comprovides over 20,000 short profiles of contemporary and past accounts of women and men. http://www.biography.com/

Celebration of Women Writers         http://www.cs.cmu.edu/people/mmbt/women/writers.html Arts & Entertainment, Literature

Chicano! Biographies        http://www.pbs.org/chicano/bios.html      HerStory, Mexican American
Biographies of Chicanas & Chingonas"are those Chicanas and Latinas who have made significant professional, educational, and cultural achievements . They include professors, grassroots activists, lawyers, artists and local activists."  http://chicanas.com/chingonas.html

CNN Sports Illustrated         http://www7.cnnsi.com/olympics/news/2000/01/27/athlete_profiles/ Sports, Olympics

Composer Almanac & Home for Neglected Composer         http://ezinfo.ucs.indiana.edu/~daksmith/almnegl.html   Arts & Entertainment, Music

Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame        http://www.cwhf.org/browse.html  HerStory, US, Connecticut
Connecticut Women's Hall of Fame includes almost 60 profiles of women who've contributed to Connecticut and to the world.

Dead Sociologists Index         http://www.runet.edu/~lridener/DSS/INDEX.HTML#addams   Of Interest

Encyclopedia of Women's History         http://www.teleport.com/~megaines/woindex.html    General
Encyclopedia of Women's History: Written by and for the K-12 Community

Entertainment Sleuth - Celebrities         http://e.sleuth.com/celebrities/celebrity_index.asp    Arts & Entertainment

Fearless Women        http://befearless.com/women/index.html      General
Fearless Women, as part of Oxygen.com, provides descriptions about women on a mission; effecting change; educating others; and taking risks.

First Ladies (White House)     http://www2.whitehouse.gov/WH/glimpse/firstladies/html/firstladies.html Politics

FMF - 20th Century Women         http://www.feminist.org/other/wh_20thcent.html  General
FMF - 20th Century Women provides brief statements about 100 women from various categories.  http://www.feminist.org/other/wh_20thcent.html

Golf online        http://www.igolf.com/profiles/profileindex.dbm?assoc_name=LPGA&from=A&to=A Sports, Golf

HerSalon         http://hersalon.com/herstory/index.html      General
HerSaloncreated Herstory section that provides biographies about 11 women; a link to women astronauts; and a few athletes in their Sports section.

History of Women's Basketball        http://www.pages.drexel.edu/admin/vaughnmv/       Sports, Basketball

Indiatime        http://www.indiatime.com/women/women.htm     International
Indiatime: Focuses on women from India, including who's who biographies, magazines, status, business, and health issues.  http://www.indiatime.com/women/women.htm

Indigenous Women         http://www.smart1.net/dduester/interest/iwobio.htm   HerStory  Diversity
Indigenous Women: Biographies of more than 20 Native American women are referenced.

Invention Dimension         http://www.web.mit.edu/invent/www/archive.html    Of Interest

Kings & Queens of Europe         http://www.camelotintl.com/royal/europe.html   HerStory, Rulers
Kings & Queens of Europe from 955 through present day.

Marine Biological Lab Women         http://www.mbl.edu/html/WOMEN/women.html Science, Math, & Technology, Biology
Marine Biological Lab Women : "Founded in 1888, the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts was unusual for its time in that it encouraged the enrollment of women students of science on an equal basis with men." Biographies of women who attended and were active at MBL.

Mr. Showbiz Celebrities        http://mrshowbiz.go.com/celebrities/      Arts & Entertainment

Multicultural Personalities         http://www.ithaca.edu/library/htmls/multi.html   Diversity

Museum of Women in Sci. & Tech    http://www.amazoncity.com/technology/museum/index.html Science, Math, & Technology
Museum of Women in Sci. & Tech. Included are biographies of twelve (part of an ongoing list) "great women scientists, mathematicians, physicists, and others who pioneered their fields, often while struggling against the sexism of their day."

National Museum of American Women        http://pages.whowhere.com/community/nmaw/welcome.html    General
National Museum of American Women choose from achievement, courage, and humanitarian service categories to learn about dozens of women whose contributions should be remembered.

National Women's Hall of Fame -- Business        http://www.sbaonline.sba.gov/womeninbusiness/fame.html    General, Business
National Women's Hall of Fame -- Business contains 125 brief profiles of remarkable women in business.

Other Women Who Wrote         http://www.writepage.com/others/       Arts & Entertainment, Literature

People of History        http://www.essortment.com/in/History.People/     HerStory, General
People of History organized by category, links to biographies of women and men who were scientists, outlaws, European, inventors, or famous.

Profile of African Americans in Tennessee History        http://picard.tnstate.edu/~library/digital/content.html
            HerStory, African American        Diversity
Profile of African Americans in Tennessee History profiles women and men who had played a role in our past and whose stories must be told.

Quick Index of Emperors and Empresses         http://myron.sjsu.edu/romeweb/glossary/quick1c.htm    HerStory, Rulers
Quick Index of Emperors and Empresses: including Roman Emperors, Noblewomen, Imperators, and Caesars.

SportsForWomen: Olympians        http://www.sportsforwomen.com/features/olympians.html Sports, Olympics

StudyWeb - Olympics, Skaters         http://www.studyweb.com/links/3123.html      Sports, Olympics

Summer Games      Sports, Olympics

Varo Registry Artist List        http://www.netdreams.com/registry/list.html      Arts & Entertainment, Art

Witching Hour        http://www.goth.net/~shanmonster/witch/      HerStory, Witches        International
Witching Hour is a starting point for historical research into the great witch craze of 1100-1700 AD. Topics include Documents of the Witch Craze; Magic, Spells, & Potions; Modern Parallels; and People of the witch craze.   http://shanmonster.bla-bla.com/witch/

Women Artist        http://ruku.com/somenart.html       Arts & Entertainment, Art

Women History Magazine        http://www.thehistorynet.com/WomensHistory/      General
Women History Magazine, Vol. 2 focused on women and work, including biographies.

Women in Canadian History        http://www.niagara.com/~merrwill/       International
Women in Canadian History provides short paragraphs about 32 significant Canadian women.

Women in Government        http://www.nssl.noaa.gov/nws/women/biograph.html      Science, Math, & Technology, Astonomy
Biographical Web Links to Women in Astronomy provides links by name to sites on-line.

Women in Roman Society        http://myron.sjsu.edu/romeweb/ladycont/ladycont.htm      HerStory, Ancient
Women in Roman Society: provides profiles and biographical information about Noble Ladies, Warrior Queens, Soldiers' Wives, Farmer's Daughters, and Slaves.

Women Scientists        http://www.saintmarksschool.org/frames/femsci.htm    Science, Math, & Technology
Women Scientists provides links to scientists biographical websites and to individual women scientists.

Women Writers of the Middle Ages  http://www.millersv.edu/~english/homepage/duncan/medfem/  Arts & Entertainment, Literature

 Women.com Top 100        http://women.com/news/top100/     General
Women.com Top 100 including, Marie Curie, radioactivist & Nobel Laureate

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame        http://www.wbhof.com/wbhof/whf_inductees.html      Sports, Basketball

Women's Sports Foundation's She's da Bomb!    http://www.womenssportsfoundation.org/templates/res_center/rctraining/13_20/hero.html  Sports

Women's Wire Profile        http://new.womenswire.com/watch/more.html      General
Women's Wire Profile takes a look at top women in business, nonprofits, and culture, and shows how they achieved and maintain their successes.

World Book: Women of the Word        http://www.worldbook.com/fun/wwriters/html/intro.htm      A & E, Literature

Worldsport        http://www.firs.org/ws/sprit/home/0,2205,0_20_211_0_67,00.html       Sports

Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership        http://hjem.get2net.dk/Womeningovernments/Index_Page_2.htm  International
Politics, Government
Worldwide Guide to Women in Leadership lists information about women who are heads of state or governments, members of governments in different  countries including local leaders, party leaders and ambassadors.

WWW Virtual Library History of Science. . . http://www.asap.unimelb.edu.au/hstm/hstm_biographical.htm Science, Math, & Technology