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About us: 

     The purpose of Women's Biography Sites is to provide the opportunity for people to learn about the contributions of women throughout time and to acknowledge the women who have done so much. Women's Biography Sites also includes contemporary women who continue to become their best selves and, in turn, make this world a better place.
Whether it is
    fighting against slavery;
    working for an eight-hour day;
    petitioning to open doors to equal educational opportunities;
    struggling to break through pay inequity and other workplace barriers;
    striving for medical breakthroughs;
    standing up against unjust laws;
    carving out a place on executive boards;
    challenging the political status quo;
    playing for a fair chance in athletic arenas;
    opening doors for the next generation;
    or performing before diverse audiences;
women have been part of our everyday lives. It’s time to make her journey, obstacles, and successes known.

     To make the job of inclusion easier, this Webliography Series has been created, beginning with
Women's Biography Sites. Within these pages, the reader can find information about women who have been or are presently mathematicians, computer scientists, artists, authors, inventors, and historical figures by connecting to the Internet address cited.
    The user can choose from eight categories: Arts & Entertainment; Diversity, General; HerStory; International; Politics; Science, Math, & Technology; and Sports. There are thousands of biographies available on the more than 360 web sites listed. The sites can be searched alphabetically.   
Women's Biography Sites also offers an archives ,  site map, subject index, What's New and Women's HerStory Month pages.

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  Created by Sharon Hushka, January 2000 - 2008
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