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Sports -- General

CNN/SI profile 100 top female athletes based on the athletes' on-field performance and achievements, plus their contributions to women's sports.

Distinguished Women in sports links to an extensive list of female athletes biographies and contributions; organized by sport.

Hickok Sports: Women profiles of women who have competed in sports.

Homework Center biographies about women from different sports.

Jews In Sports Online tells the largely underappreciated story of Jewish athletes, from the famous to the unknown. The American Jewish Historical Society presents this digital archival record of the proud legacy of Jewish athletes, and how each one's accomplishments in the world of sports reflected on his or her particular society and era.

JockBio.com biographical, facts (statistics), what they say (quotes from others about her/him), and my say (the individual's comments) information about women and men who are professional athletes. Provides various searching options and lengthy descriptions of each competitor's accomplishments and contributions to their field.

Women Athlete Profiles biographical information about individual athletes, women coaches, and teams who participated in Olympic events.

Women in Sports biographical information about athletes and indexed by sport and by athlete's name.

Sports -- Basketball

Hoophall a site that posts more than 250 basketball Hall of Famers. Describing the athletic and personal achievements of women in men who are part of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, which is located in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame has inducted more than 100 women and men, who've played, coached or otherwise contributed to the sport of basketball since 1999. Biographical information primarily focuses on basketball accomplishments.

Sports -- Cycling

Pro Cycling Women a website dedicated to providing information about women and women's teams who are or have been professional bicycle competitors. An extensive list of biographies are offered as well as links to individual women's web sites.

Sports -- Golf

Golf Bytes links to women and men golfers. Included are, Donna Andrews, Helen Alfredsson, Lisa Ann Horst, and Judy Rankin.

Sports -- Gymnastics

USA Gymnastics Online (USAGO), the official website of USA Gymnastics, biographical and performance information about women and men gymnasts in the USA and internationally.

Top Olympians - Gymnastics an extensive list of women and men who have excelled in the Olympics as gymnasts since 1896 to present.

Sports -- Ice

CyberScoreboard: Short Track biographies, records, major achievements, general interests, and other information about these women and men who compete on ice.

Hickock Sports: Figure Skating more than fifteen brief profiles for athletes in this field and links to additional information.

ISU Figure Skating Biographies International Skating Union Figure Skating primarily performance history & highlights. Sometimes provides brief biographical highlights.

US Figure Skating performance history, highlights, and descriptions. Also included are brief biographical information about each United States woman or man competitor.

Sports -- Olympics

CBC.CA Canadian Athletes biographies are posted. Searchable alphabetically or by sport, biographical information about Canadians competing in the 2006 Olympics are provided.

Celebrating Women's Achievements Sports highlights Canadian Women athletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Feminist Olympics individual and team profiles of 1996 Olympians, including coaches and co-ed participants.

CNN Sports Illustrated offers brief profiles on women and men athletes who are training for the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

Great Olympians profiles of individuals who have achieved memorable achievements in the Olympic Games, from 1896 up to and including 1998. For all, a complete listing of the medals and diplomas each has won. For many individuals, a biography is included .

Herman's Top Olympians - Apine Skiing an extensive list of women and men who have excelled in the Olympics as skiers 1896 to present.

Herman's Top Olympians - Figure Skating an extensive list of women and men who have excelled in the Olympics as figure skaters, 1896 to present.

Herman's Top Olympians - Gymnastics an extensive list of women and men who have excelled in the Olympics as gymnasts since 1896 to present.

Herman's Top Olympians - Tennis an extensive list of women and men who have excelled in the tennis since 1896 to present in Olympic events.

Herman's Great Olympians lists (sport, country, medals, alphabetical) and biographies about women and men who have excelled in the Olympics since 1896 to present.

FMF Olympics, 2000 highlights a few Olympians.

Notable Winter Olympics Biographies, A-Z InfoPlease dozens of biographies about women and men participating in or part of the Winter 2006 and other Olympics. Although the information is brief, the site also provides a list of links for additional data.

US Olympic Committee offers a complete listing of all American athletes competing at the Winter 2006 Olympics. It gives a brief description of the women and men's background, accomplishments, a quote, and related links.

Sports -- Soccer

US Soccer an important source for United States soccer news for both women and men's teams. Allows access to biographical information and about the events and games for the various teams.

Women's Soccer World offers brief biographical information about U.S. women soccer players and coaches.

Sports -- Softball / Baseball

Girls of Summer biographies and information about women who played professional baseball, the Bloomer Girls, from the 1890s until 1934.

Sports -- Tennis

Herman's Top Olympians - Tennis an extensive list of women and men who have excelled in Olympic tennis since 1896 to present.

Hickok Sports: Tennis biographies about women and men who've made a career in this sport.

International Tennis Hall of Fame more than 200 Hall of Famers, representing 57 women and 143 men from 18 different countries. Included biographical information searchable by last name, country of origin, and year of induction.

Sports -- Track & Field / Running

Current Biography Excerpts: Track and Field a short, varied list of 15 women and men who have competed in track and field events at various levels, including the Olympics.

Fast Women brief profiles, interviews, and stats about women runners of renown to New York and beyond.

USA Track & Field biographies of women and men athletes.

Hickok Sports brief profiles of track and field women and men athletes.